Dinner Party: 7-course dinner at S&J

Went for dinner at my colleague's lovely home a few weeks back, and thought I'll just share the amazing meal I had with you guys. I'm sorry you can't go visit this "restaurant" because it is a home, and I usually try to avoid talking about food which cannot be accessed by the general public, but well.. there are just some occasions that have to be marked down by a blog post.

So this is the S&J abode, a HDB in Tiong Bahru. I love the monochrome decor and the view is simply amazing.

There are also some really cool touches that makes the place very cosy and cute, such as the birdcages.

Some greenery also helps to break the monochrome with a dash of fresh.

And.. can you spot the cat decal and the cat?

Here's one of em! There are 2 running around, and they are quite shy initially but got warmer after a bit.

This is Misty, a girl! Really shy but gentle.

And herein lies the food journey - we first embarked on 4 starters. 

First up, the cockles with lime. I don't really like shellfish so I did not try, but it looks like a refreshing appetizer!

Next up - tuna tartare with avocado, served with some table crackers. The roe on top gave it the extra taste of the sea, while the avocado balanced well with the tuna. The fish got slightly cooked by the acid so it was not as raw as the Chef Jaslyn would have liked, but tastes good to me still!

And a simple spinach garlic salad. With a good dressing and fresh produce, a salad can be very tasty. This is an example of such.

We also had a huge hit in the form of the TOFU with 100 year old egg (century egg sauce) and roe by Chef Jeemee.  It. was. so. addictive. The cold silky tofu coupled with the unami taste of smooth century egg sauce that is slightly sweet, with the texture of tiny roe.. just makes for a really good combination.

And then the main course - Mentaiko pasta! It was perfect. Al dente, not too salty nor dry. The roe coated the pasta well and I could probably inhale quite a lot in one sitting if I didn't already have 3 starters. 

We also had some aburi salmon sushi by Chef Jeemee, though in my excitement I forgot to take decent photos of them. Of course they are good too.

We then ended off the evening with a pot of green tea creme brulee. The pot is upsized just for the night! Great taste, but because of the pot size the creme did not harden as much as it could, so it was more like custard brulee.

Ending off the night with a shot of a satisfied me! 

Thanks to chefs Jaslyn and Jeemee for the wonderful food, and the hospitality of S&J!

  1. e house decor looks really good!
    and omg omg misty look shoooooo cute!!

  2. Did you manage to get the recipe for the tofu dish? Would be great to share it here!!