Food Review: El Toro Latin-Mexican at 7 Purvis Street, Singapore

Hola! I visited a Latin-Mexican restaurant just last week and was quite impressed with the place, which is why I am sharing it with you guys! If you are ever looking for a more unique cuisine, think Mexican, think El Toro. It might sound like a bad gangster name for an Octopus, but really, the ambiance of the place was suitably chill yet distinct of that region. Oh, and El Toro means the bull.

There was free complementary starters, taco chips with salsa dip.

We then ordered food! First up, hard shell tacos. The fillings were really generous, and it felt like a feast. Really yummy.

We then had a party platter to share, which included 2 wings, 2 peppers and some quesadillas. The pepper thing was rather spicy. I enjoyed the quesadillas and could probably eat more of it in future.

We also got some paella rice to share. This was the most lacklustre dish of the night compared to the rest, but still average tasting and not too bad.

Lastly, the beef chimichangas which my colleague thinks resembles a giant fried wanton. She's right, it does bear some resemblance to a chinese dim sum dish. It was fried really well though, the skin was crispy and thin while the stuffings inside was a right blend of saltiness and flavours.

A definite thumbs up! I heard good things about Cha Cha Cha as well via instagram so I'll be sure to check that out, but this place sure beats Baja Fresh when it comes to Mexican grub in a proper setting.
El Toro
7 Purvis Street, Singapore 188586
+65 68874786
Lunch Mon-Fri 11.30am -2.30pm
Dinner Mon-Thur 6pm - 10pm | Fri 5pm - 8pm | Sat 6pm -11pm
ALL DAY Sun 11.30am - 10.30pm

Here are some photos of my dining companions that night! We walked over from Purvis Street to the very happening Liang Seah Street opposite bugis to have some desserts (the ones at El Toro didn't look that good). Good old chinese "tang shui" from Ji De Chi (not Ah Chew) hits the spot!

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