Hawker Feature: Chong Boon Market & Food Centre

You know what is great about living in the heartlands? You get great local food from food centres that has been around for decades. My favorite thing to do on weekends (other than going for brunch) would be to go to a nearby coffeeshop or food centre, and eat ALL the good food! You'll be spoilt for choice at these places.

I'm also doing a series of hawker centre features precisely because there's so many stalls in there that you might wonder, which are the ones really worth your $2.50-$4 to try? You can only eat so many dishes. Well, I am trying them, and telling you which are the ones to look out for!

Also because of some friends from overseas who would love to try out local food. Well today we are starting with Chong Boon Food Centre. I went at noon and it is packed with heartlanders. I love it!

Of course there is the famous Chia Keng noodles as covered by ieatishootipost. You have to queue at least 15-20 minutes for it. Some like it, like my brother, but I've tried it before and found it too oily.

For today, we ordered the kway chap (look for this plate's colour). It is... average.

The Chwee Kway was really good. It is rice flour cakes with chai poh (preserved vegetables) on it. The kway is very soft, and the chai poh slightly sweet, very finely minced and not too salty. It was just a bit oily at the end with the chili (also good!). Recommend! It can be found at the last row, corner, with a white signboard with 2 chinese words which means chwee kway.

Next, the prawn and pork rib noodles at the last row of the food centre. Look for the purple bowl, that's the right one! It is the same row as the chwee kway. It is very delicious according to my sister and dad. Many people were eating it too. I'll hedge my bet that it's awesome.

I ordered the Chinese mee siam ($2.50) from the stall that had many accolades and press coverage stuck on it. It's a pity, it wasn't really that good. It does not have the "shiokness" from a tangy, spicy mee siam. This was in fact a bit too 'milky', even though the eggs were sliced nicely.

Chong Boon Market & Food Centre
Blk 453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 561453

That's about it for the coverage! On the way to eat, there's also a bird singing competition at the void deck. No wonder I woke up to ferocious singing in the morning. There must be at least 30 bird cages. I find it very culturally interesting that we have such things happening.

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