Restaurant Week 12: Chef D' Table at Chijmes, Singapore 187996

One of the hottest week for checking out new places has just passed. Did you try any of the Restaurant Week places this time round? In Singapore there are 2 times a year in which quite a lot of restaurants will offer lunch at $25++ ($29.40 inclusive of GST, service charge) and dinner at $35++ ($41.20). The starred restaurants will offer it at $40++ ($47.10) and $55++ ($64.70) accordingly.

All of them have to be booked via the website. If you are not fast, the good ones will be snapped up really quickly! Then you have to leave it to random chance that what you've booked is good. Consider also the menu.

For this Restaurant Week, my colleague booked for us a lunch at Chef D'Table at Chijmes. I've never heard of the restaurant before. The place looks like a very classic French bistro. The service was quite attentive, and it was rather bustling when we arrived at 1.45pm. It wasn't too noisy or packed though, just the right amount of people who no doubt are there for Restaurant Week too.

First up, the Cold Salmon Roulade:

With assorted olive salsa and port wine raisins compote, laced with parsley and tomato oil, balsamico reduction. Apparently it is an award-winning dish represented by Singapore in Las Vegas. It looks really good! Taste-wise, I felt that the salmon was a bit dry and though quite a good appetizer, did not really impress me as much as the menu description did.

My colleague topped up an additional $6 for the lobster bisque which she mentioned is very thick and flavorsome. Well done.

For the mains my colleagues ordered the roasted orange duck leg with sauteed wild mushrooms and asparagus, laced with orange cream sauce. It was rather average, according to my colleagues. Not badly done or anything, the meat was tender and juicy, but again, nothing amazing about the dish. It is actually quite difficult to be amazing with duck confit to be honest, after trying so many in Singapore, I concluded that a good one is truly hard to come by.

Me and another colleague ordered the beef loin fillet with white bean puree and parma ham chips, with garlic sauteed broccolini and thyme scented red wine sauce. Wow, that's a mouthful. To be frank the 'parma ham chips' tasted like tapioca chips, and the white bean puree.. I thought was mashed potatoes? It has to be! 

But this dish was saved by the beef fillet that was pan-seared to seal in the juices and left a deep dark pink inside. It was super tender and beefy. Very satisfying as a piece of steak. I enjoyed it very much. 

Next up, rather mediocre desserts. If only they had creme brulee instead! 

There was the home-baked cheesecake with raspberry couli. The cheesecake was quite light, but did not go to the fluffy level.

The passion fruit panna cotta with seasonal fruits, tropical fruit coulis, was a bit too dense. The flavor was quite intense though and the presentation well done, but underwhelming. I would have preferred a traditional panna cotta that is more well-done, actually.

Overall out of 3 course I would say just go straight for the steak. The rest are forgettable. But for restaurant week, this $25++ meal is really worth it!

Chef D'Table

30 Victoria Street, #01-29 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 6338 4898
Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30

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