Restaurant Week '12 Dinner: Bronte at 8 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore

Visited Bronte again this time round for Restaurant Week dinner after having a good one at Chef D'Table. I've also been to Bronte for their brunch, which was pretty good. Hence I booked this even though it had a 'surprise' menu. And also because it was the one of the most available timings for dinner on Wednesday and had no extra $20++.

I took a bus, and even though I thought I was early, I walked up the wrong road and was lost! Even though Greenwood is supposed to be really near my old junior college. 

The appetizers were served really quickly that night. 

Here's the menu of the night. Very simplistic. We had one of each.

The place was rather empty even though it was said to be fully booked. We noticed most people were not there for Restaurant Week as well other than another large group. Most were there for regular dinner.

The garlic prawns cooked in white wine butter was quite good, with a very sinful butter sauce that went great with the toasted bread.

The salt and pepper calamari with lime aioli dip was very mediocre. The only good thing was the calamari was not rubbery.

The braised beef cheeks with mashed potatoes, spinach, portobello mushrooms and madeira jus was a bit too gelak for us. The beef cheeks was really soft though. The mashed potatoes could be fluffier.

The baked barramundi fish with lemon buttered mushrooms, sauteed spinach and potatoes was quite a good dish comparatively. The fish was quite fresh. The lemon butter sauce could easily go on a baked salmon fillet as well. Very simple dish.

Trying out different angles with my Panasonic Lumix GX1.

Lastly the dessert - pistachio panna cotta with poached pears. Well, firstly it should have been pear. Singular slice! There was no sauce on it, and the pistachio flavor was not in the panna cotta, but more of a sprinkling of it. It is so underwhelming. The panna cotta itself is too firm, and lacks any type of flavor.

Overall I was pretty disappointed with Bronte's showing. Restaurant Week is meant as a way for diners to find out more about a restaurant at an affordable price, so they can go back next time for the full menu. But Bronte did not step up, so I will not be going back there for dinner in future.

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