Contest Entry: The Icing Room's DIY Yule Log Facebook photo contest

When I was first asked to take part in this photo contest to decorate a mini Yule Log cake for The Icing Room's DIY Yule Log Facebook Contest, I was a bit hesitant because I have zero ability to make ingredients form together to look good.

However I decided to collect the cake first because I was curious to how it will be like.

You can take part too! The photo contest is currently ongoing now - purchase a mini log cake at $18.80 from any Icing Room outlets and decorate it with the ingredients provided (or you can purchase more from them!) and then submit it to the Facebook Page for a chance to win exciting prizes!

So this was the cake on its own. It is mini size so it is very cute and manageable (to eat!)

Then there are the ingredients. I bought the santa with the tree, as well as the 2 angels because they look so adorable! They cost about $2-3 but the details on them are impressive.

We were also given 5 pipes of cream/gel/chocolate sauce to use in the decorations. All you need to do is cut a hole at the tip.

So I asked around my colleagues for ideas and we thought about how most log cake decorations are pretty standard. After a while they start to look alike.

So the question is -- how can we be more creative and different?

This was the result of the first idea called It's All About Yule!

This was inspired by the white icing on the log cake, which stood out quite nicely on black as an iconic shape.
And what better way to feature an iconic food, into iconic scenes of Christmas? 

But that alone looks rather monochromatic, so with a bit of photo shop magic, we transported the yule log into 3 magical christmas scenes. 

I thought we were done... but some comments were that the cake is not very decorated in the picture.

So we tried... another idea called:

Yule Better Watch Out, Santa Claus is Coming To Town!

Ho ho ho! Santa sits on his magical sled as his trusty reindeers transports him to homes all over the world to deliver gifts of joy and wonder. Happy holidays!

Using the log cake as the sled of Santa, and photographing it from an aerial view as he ascends with his trusty reindeers that are hand drawn with chocolate sauce.

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