Food Review: Suprette at 383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001

You might have thought there was a typo in the spelling, but yes it is really called Suprette instead of Superette, and it is a new American diner at Kam Leng Hotel that is just opposite Lavender Food Centre.

I first heard about Suprette from my colleague, and also read about it on 8 Days, so I have to check it out. I have no reason not to, since my office is 2 bus stops away!

This place has the beginnings of dodgy-ness with karaoke lounges nearby, but Kam Leng Hotel itself looks like a really cool 'boutique' hotel with a very nostalgic lobby reception. I've checked on - it's only USD 80 per night! According to the hotel's website description, the hotel was "first established in 1927 by a mysterious owner whose identity remains unknown till today".

The diner itself is very fusion since it does not completely have 'american' furnishings, but more in line with the retro theme outside with wooden chairs and tables. It was relatively quiet there at 7.30pm on a week night.

Well on to the food! The menu is rather limited with only 5 mains, 3 sides and 3 desserts - which is a good thing. If I were to compare, &Made at Pacific Plaza comes to mind. You might not be able to see, but the first item on their menu is the The Suprette Burger ($24). It comes with a side salad and free flow fries. You can also add gruyere cheese, bacon, mushrooms, avocado or foie gras by topping up additional $.

The salads were served first, rather quickly by a very jovial waiter. The salad was simply done, and quite welcome as a healthy start to an otherwise very meaty meal.

My dining companion had the second item on the menu - the Crayfish and Crab Quesadilla ($25). Well, I just have to quote him. "Seafood and cheese are NOT friends."

I kind of have to agree. I had a bite of the quesadilla, and the taste of seafood is really really strong, while its all 'glued' together with cheese. In an odd way. Perhaps this might appeal to some people, but not to us, I guess.

However all is not lost! When The Suprette Burger was brought to our table, I had involuntarily let out an exclamation of "Oh my g**". According to the waiter, that's the most common reaction to the burger.

The portion is HUGE!

Take a look at the fries below.

It is a monster of a plate of fries.. fries.. and a burger covered with many sesame seeds. I added bacon ($4) to the burger. The fries really tasted like the ones from McDonald's, which I like a lot, so I conclude that these fries rock too. They might possibly be healthier too, without the 'not rotting after a month' effect. Perhaps they just got the McDelivery guy to send a whole bunch of fries over when someone orders..?

Here's the burger, opened up. Now, let me expound for the next paragraph on HOW AWESOME THIS BURGER IS.

Firstly the bun's slightly sweet and warm. I like that. Next the bacon. Crispy, with the satisfying unique taste of bacon. But the star of the show is the beef patty inside. The patty tasted homemade, yet it does not fall apart as it is being cut and was juicy, tender and pink. Not too salty (very important). There is also this faint hint of herbs in there which set this baby apart from the rest.

I really enjoyed the burger. Even though it is $27, it is well worth the money, I feel. On an occasional basis. Unless the manager reads this and decides to give all my readers a discount to go try it :P

Could you tell how I am definitely recommending you go check out the burger with the 3.5 paragraphs I devoted to describing it? 

Kam Leng Hotel, 383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001
Mon - Sun: 07:30 - 00:00

  1. Hello girls, I'm visiting Singapore soon & plan to stay at Kam Leng hotel. Is the neighbourhood safe at night? Since we're 2 girls, we are a little worried about the neighbourhood safety. :)

    1. Hi there, Jalan Besar neighbourhood can be a little dark at night, but Singapore is generally very very safe. Just don't walk down small alleyways and employ common sense like elsewhere you'll be fine. The plus point is there are loads of great food/bars in that neighbourhood!