Online Shopping: $50 and under at Zalora

I'm sure many of you guys must have heard of Zalora Singapore, but just in case you have not, it is a new online shopping site that has a base in Singapore which also means that there will be no annoying extra shipping charges or spree hassle that you get with overseas sites (except ASOS, which I love for their free international shipping).

The good thing about Zalora is that they partner up with many different designer brands and stores to provide apparel and many other things for your convenience online so you don't have to squeeze through the crowds to buy them. Good example? Mitju! I can go to stores to try the shoes, and buy them online at Zalora :P

Well, I'm here to put my online shopping prowess to the test. The challenge? Put together 2 different combis of things that you can buy for under $50. Ok, maybe AROUND $50, give or take a few dollars.

First one! Featuring the Estelle Lovey Dove Print Dress ($27.10) and SenSini Chunky Buckle Ankle Strap Sandal ($19.90).

Second outfit featuring a see-through Evie Karl Sleeveless blouse (tube top inside not included..) for $23.90, and the Mimosa Madeleine jewel embellished sandal ($23.90). Busting the budget, a bracelet cuff from Evie to add a bit more spice!

My favorite section has got to be the Accessories > Rings section. Prices start from $9, but they have some really interesting rings! I love rings and collect them, especially double finger ones.

This is my favorite from the lot. The Raw Edge Double Knuckle Ring from prettylittlethings.

Well I definitely had fun doing some virtual shopping and showing... now to add all of them to cart to enjoy the free shipping!

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    Please see this link on public reviews about ZALORA:

    Disappointment. never expected this!

  2. Awesome ! 50$ deals is really an awesome idea to get more sales.

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  3. Hi Alexis,

    Thanks for the kind words about ZALORA! :)

    Hi Janice,

    I'm Laura, from the ZALORA marketing team, and I'm working to learn from our shoppers to see how we can improve.

    Can I know more about your experience with ZALORA so that I can personally help to follow up for you? You can contact me directly at

    Thank you!


  4. Bad experience too. Currently still unresolved. I ordered a pair of Calista cut off sandals size 40 cream colored.

    They sent me two right foot sandals, one size 40 & the other size 41. I called them straight away upon receiving the sandals & they told me to email their customer service.

    Four days later, no reply... I emailed them again. Still no reply. I had to call them up again and send two more emails before I got an acknowledgement. Take note, "acknowledgement", not solution.

    I had to keep emailing them for a swop for a left foot sandal or a new pair of sandals. But they told me off, size 40 is oos. So I requested for a size 41. Yet again, they told me off it's oos. Plus some logistic shit rule doesn't allow them to change shoe sizes for me. Strangely, they website shows stock available for size 41. I pointed that out to them & now they are back to ignoring my emails.

  5. I am about to order from zalora for the first time....should I proceed? Or just pass the alluring 21% off as a first buyer then head to F21 or H&M this weekend? Helpppppp!!!

  6. I think you should get it if you think you cannot find it elsewhere + its a good deal. Should be fine. Otherwise, actual shopping is way more rewarding and fun!