Tze Char Eats: Kok Sen at 30 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089137

I visited Kok Sen again recently on a Saturday night for tze char dinner to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. In my attempts to cover more good local cuisine I've made a mental note to photograph the dishes we had, so I can blog about Kok Sen, because it deserves a shout out. It is quite an establishment at Keong Saik that I can rely on for quality tze char that is dependable, and not too costly. They are also famous for their prawn paste chicken (which was out of stock that night).

We ordered 6 dishes to share among the 10 of us, and it came up to around 14 per person.

First up, the 3-egg veggie dish. This was not really that great because it was a bit too watery, but the vegetables were fresh.

Next, the braised beancurd. A very healthy dish to balance out the rest. It's nothing phenomenal though.

Then we have the fried.. I don't know what. It has minced meat and crunchy bits inside. Show this to the waiter/auntie if you want to order. You dip it in the sweet sauce. It was delicious!

Next, the prawn paste pork. I don't see where the prawn paste is, but the dish itself tasted very home-cooked, and comfortable. You could have this, some salted egg and a porridge and call it lunch.

And saving the 2 best for the last. First up, the chicken that is only available on Saturdays only. This was simply amazing. It was chicken with prawn paste stuffed inside, which had the texture of fishcakes while the skin was crispy. Just look at the photo. It is as delicious as you would imagine.

And finally, the behemoth of all dishes - the tiger prawn noodles! It might look extremely spicy with the red 'oil' on the soup, but rest assured it is only slightly spicy. The red soup comes from the prawn broth instead.  It is such a satisfying bowl of noodles with the thick beehoon inside and generous amounts of ingredients. It is not cheap though. A 1-person bowl costs $13. This portion, I am not sure.

Great place for a tze char if you ever want to have some. Do remember to call and reserve if you have a big group, as they can get very packed all the time!
Kok Sen Coffeeshop
30B Keong Saik Road
Tel: +65 62232005
Daily: 11:30 - 22:30

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  2. My favourite dish there is the bitter gourd pork ribs, Claypot Yong Tao Foo also quite good.