Videos: DBS DriveShield Expect the Unexpected


I first knew about this car thing when a halved car was spotted at the Expo during one of the weekend. People were tweeting #halfcar about it and seems rather incredulous that it got halved. It's not everyday that you get to see a halved car. How did it happen?

Then this video came out:

So apparently on the Youtube description, I found out that it is to show the most bizarre and unexpected footage captured on in-car cameras. You'll never know what could happen to your car on the road.

Then 2 other videos popped up.

This is pretty cool, you never know if someone will spray something on your car.

This is my favorite:

What are these videos are trying to say?
Answer: Get a free in-car camera when you sign up for DriveShield, a comprehensive motor insurance, for added peace of mind. You never know what's gonna happen to your car so.. expect the unexpected!

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