Food Review: Backyard @ Dempsey at 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819

Today I'm going to let you in to a secret. Hidden in the highly forested and uppity enclave of Dempsey lies a restaurant with honest to goodness comfort food that will not break the bank. The restaurant's name is Backyard @ Dempsey, and it is indeed much like a backyard of your home. No pretentious air, just simple food that is done well. I'm glad to be invited to try out their Festive Menu a couple of weeks back.

Getting there will be the problem if one doesn't drive. Take a cab, don't get lost! This is how the sign looks like as you drive down the road, on your left. You then have to walk in, or park at the carpark for free.
Once you are in though, it is a very cosy place with wooden beams and furniture. 
So... I know this might be a bit late, but there's still 1 more day for you to go try out their Festive Sets!
It's really value for money if you look at the portions and the accompanying sides. I'll be reviewing these sets in this post.

Otherwise there is the Ala Carte, which will last till 31 December.

They also have normal promotions -- and check out their live bands when they do have it! The atmosphere is very lively.

I had a lychee longan freeze ($7.80) to start with. Super yummy and refreshing with the ice blended drink not being too sweet, but just right.

Next up, the French Onion Soup! It was on the salty side, as most French Onion Soups tend to be. I quite liked it, though the taste of the sweet onions was lacking. 

If you like your soups creamy, get the mushroom soup instead. It was chock full of mushrooms and very thick and satisfying.

There was the mediterranean chicken salad, which was ok, but nothing impressive.

On to the festive menu mains! First we tried the Chicken Ballotine ($20, $39 with set). The chicken was tender and juicy - complemented with the mushroom sauce. I would have liked it better if the vegetables and the potato wedges did more than decorate however. They did not feel like part of the dish, but just added in for colour and carbohydrates.

Next, a rather interesting variation to pork. The Pork Roulade ($23, $42 with set) was 3 slices of pork that seemed grilled, which gave it a smokey flavour that complements the crispy texture of the exterior. It was a very savoury dish. I felt like it could go with some... porridge or chili padi! Nonetheless it was a great dish.

The bed of mashed potatoes was a good complement. 

Then the big boy - the Black Angus Ribeye ($52 with set) steak! It is your standard western grilled steak set with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The steak was quite soft and breaks easily with the knife, and had beefy juices amidst the slightly charred flavour from the grill. All in all, a good steak, though the cut was a bit rough.

The favorite main dish for the night was undoubtedly the Guinness Battered Fish & Chips ($34 with set). I cannot rave enough about how fantastic the fish was! The guinness taste made the batter look darker than normal - but when you bite into the crispy layer there is this hint of stout, which only appears at the slightly hint of the aftertaste that gave it an excellent kick. If this is any indication of their fish and chips standard, then the normal will be excellent too! I really loved this and would come back for it!

Next, an assortment of desserts to try. The affogato was pleasant and served well as a post-dinner drink+dessert combined.

There's also the special tiramisu which was not coffee-based, but more cheesy instead! So it felt like a cheesecake with tiramisu elements. Get it if you like cheesecake.

Then the creme brulee. It was rather eggy, and could do with a thicker layer of burnt sugar on top. But it was a sweet ending to a big meal. 

Here is our table, with the kind owners of Backyard @ Dempsey, Han & Valerie! Thanks Derrick and Valerie for the invite!

Overall a great place to chill and have some good bites over drinks and perhaps even live music. If I drive I would definitely visit this place more often!

Backyard @ Dempsey
130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819
+65 68714139
11am-12am Daily

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