Food Review: The Lawn Grill & Salad Cafe at 31 Biopolis Way, Nanos, Singapore 138669

Do you like salads?

Well I am not a particularly big fan of veggies - more of a carnivore than a omnivore, but when I was invited to try out The Lawn by a university mate (wow, that was ages ago) I was rather intrigued by the philosophy behind the place.
Here's what it is about:
The idea for The Lawn came about after an exchange trip to the golden state of California, where we quickly realized that the salad-eating trend has advanced and evolved beyond the conventional salad bars in Singapore now. Unlike conventional salad bars where cold, processed meat with run-of-the-mill dressings (we think that’s totally flat and boring) are served with your greens, Salad Cafes in California serves tantalizing premium grills with unique and wacky dressings! Surely that will tease your tastebuds!

As the old adage goes, “What’s good for you is almost certainly not going to taste good”. The Lawn is on a mission to shatter this myth and put the “Oomph” back into all well-deserving salads.

So for hungry tastebuds hunting for yummier & healthier options in the bustling city of Singapore, we proudly present to you, The Lawn.

The only Specialty Grill & Salad Café in Singapore where you get to fully customize your own Salad, pairing your favorite perky greens to your favorite premium grills, topped with unique dressings AND without a hefty bill to go along with it.

As we say it here at The Lawn, "Come Meat your Greens", just the way you want it!
Salads with good portions of meat, and fun dressings beyond vinaigrette? I'm in! If only it was in CBD... right now the place is situated in the very ulu location of Biopolis - which can be accessed by taking the train to Buona Vista and walking up the slope. Or take a taxi and be prepared to get a bit lost before finding the place.

The interior of the cafe is very clean and relaxed, just like your backyard, with a grill. There are also alfresco seats outdoors, which is highly recommended because the smell of the grill inside do permeate onto you if you sit indoors. They have tried to ventilate but there are limitations so.. try to sit outdoors!

There's also a coffee corner for your caffeine fix.

And here's how you can customize your own salads. First pick whether you want a POT or a BOWL. You can see the portions and prices here. Then choose your grill (the meats) and lastly the dressings (SO MANY!)

I asked whether there are any standard combinations that people can just pick in order to avoid a disaster in making the salad, but was told that whatever you pick will naturally work well with each other if you like them. Ok, that's reasonable. Some dressings will go better with others as well, but you get to keep the dressing separate so you can dip sparingly if it is too strong for the entire bowl.

You then pick the greens from the counter. There is quite a wide variety of ingredients to choose from.

Here are the dressing! We got all 8 to taste. Apparently they are all thought up by the founder of the place! My favorite has to be the Honeyball. The Maple Peanut (peanut butter and maple syrup) was liked by one of my dining companions, though I find it odd! Apparently that dressing is very controversial. The "Me So Spicy" is really quite spicy, so do try before you dunk all your food in it! The Perky Sesame Ginger dressing tastes exactly like chicken rice. Try it if you don't believe it! We had a lot of fun trying all of them and ranking them in order of preference. 

Well on to the salads! First up, the beef cubes and dory fish. The beef was juicy and flavorful and quite solid to bite on to (not tough). It felt like someone cut up a piece of steak and laid it on salad. There was also the dory fish which was in my opinion, better than the beef! The marinate is very well done and the fish was fresh.

Lastly, my other friend's Pot of Portobello mushrooms and fish. The portobello mushrooms were a bit too charred from the grill, so it did not taste that great compared to the rest.

Next up, my Pot of Chicken with maple infusion and grilled prawns! It was a huge hit when I posted this picture on Instagram. And it tastes as good as it looks! It was very hearty. I couldn't finish all of it, but I tried my best.

The vegetables are quite fresh as well.

Overall it was a great deal for a meal though. Also do note that they might be closing dinner service soon and opening up for weekends instead.

If you are feeling ready for some grilled meat, and wouldn't mind being a bit more healthy at the same time, go to The Lawn and take away some deliciousness at a price that is hard to beat! Don't go there if you are only feeling up for something "light" -- there is nothing light about these bowls.

The Lawn Grill & Salad Cafe
31 Biopolis Way, Nanos, Singapore 138669
+65 64789739
Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm *subjected to change

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