Food Review: MooJaa Thai Steamboat Mookata at 25 Keong Saik Rd,Singapore 089132

Was kindly invited to try out MooJaa, a Thai style mookata steamboat place recently. I was really curious to find out what exactly comprised of a Thai style steamboat, because I've never had it before in my life and have not even seen it in Bangkok, despite going there so many times!

The restaurant's name actually came about as it is the nickname that Thai people give to their other halves who has grown fat/chubby after being too comfortable (?). Roughly, I think that's what it is.

On to what Mookata is! If you've not been to a Thai steamboat aka Mookata, you'll see what's the difference in a minute. I love that the place is super well-ventilated, so there is no charcoal or steamboat smell on us after the meal. That is really very rare.

Real charcoal is used. 

Then the cover is placed on top, and stock broth poured into the sides of this odd looking 'cover.

Here's our selection of meats - YUM! It's all high quality meat, unlike the ones you get in some places, which is the reason why I avoid most steamboats outside normally. 

There's also an assortment of greens, and most importantly, some pork lard.

It is used to grease the dome of the soup-pan-cover!

And then the ingenious bit - you place the strips of meat on that 'dry' part for it to cook!

We packed it with as much ingredients as possible. Heh.

I really like the concept because I get to enjoy the best of both worlds - grilled meat, or shabu style if I want to cook it in soup!

There is also the legendary super explosive cheese meatballs that you HAVE to order if you visit. The cheese is really intense, and goes super well with the meatball. Note of caution - bite carefully into it so it doesn't explode onto your neighbour!

Next up, some prime cuts of beef and pork. You could tell that the quality is excellent from the way the fats are marbled on the healthy pink meat! Also, those 2 bottles of sauces there are perfect to go along with the food.

Here's the spicy chicken. It was really quite spicy, so there's gonna be a kick. The thai iced milk tea we had was excellent to douse the fire.

Here's some up close shot of the magic that happens later when there's enough meat sizzling on the pan. The oil starts to drip into the soup.

Disgusting? No. Delicious? Yes! I thought it might be disgusting at first, but it really does give the soup that extra sinful flavour. And it is animal fat after all, which you would consume if it wasn't dripping out in juice form. So don't feel bad, and slurp it up!

Here's the dinner gang that night. Thanks Derrick again and MooJaa for the invite!

I know I will be definitely going back if I am in the mood for some steamboat at an affordable price, with well-ventilated conditions and quality ingredients. The fact that it is a special type of steamboat also makes this stand out even more. Ditch the korean ones, visit MooJaa instead!

25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132
Tue - Sun: 5pm - 11pm (Closed on Mondays)

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