I Love Mashups 2012

It's December, time flies, and its time for mashups of the year!

I like mashups because I get to hear all the top hits of the year that were played ad nauseum, quickly just to like it enough, and then on to the next.

At the end of every year a few good mashups are bound to appear... and this time round, while we wait for DJ Earworm, DJ Trademark and Pop Danthology and Mashup-Germany, I have 3 good mashups to share with you!
**EDIT: They are out! Read part 2 here.

First up, good old DJ Earworm with a summer mashup released in June. So it is a tad old.

Next, a mashup by DJ Bobby Fisher called Pop Life which is quite impressive because of the video cuts. Very professionally done. You can download it from his Facebook Page.

Lastly, and the current favorite, Robin Skouteris' PopLove mashup! It has already achieved 1+million views on Youtube and it is not even the end of the year yet! There is just a smidge too much Biebs in there, but other than that, great job on the mixing!

Well, I'm still waiting for more to come. If you do find any, do tell me in the comments!

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