Beauty Review: January Bellabox - And My Last

Just received my BellaBox today - which is a much delayed delivery compared to their promised date of 10 January, seeing how I've been charged for the box since start of January (before I could remember to cancel it).

And yes, after 10 bellaboxes since April last year, I've finally decided to unsubscribe.

Main reason is because I felt that it wasn't much of a value for $18 money when I get samples which I am not interested in or will use. Some of the worst ones I can recall are Lemongrass House SOAP.. A a hair tie that doesn't work.. and really random creams with obscure brands.

Not convinced. The only few items I like were the OPI nail protector and Anna Sui eye shadow. Even then, the makeup items generally come in really unusable colors (like the Sleek Lip Gloss you see below).

Here's a snapshot of this month's Bellabox:

The most incredulous item - the Macadamia Oil Comb. It doesn't even feel oily or any special from a regular comb! It says there's a special resin.. I don't know, feels like plastic to me. 

The rest are ok. Again, I doubt I would use the lip gloss because of the color...

Goodbye Bellabox.

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  1. I agree! Feel cheated.

    - From a fellow random bellabox subscriber -