Event Report: Laneway Festival 2013 in Singapore!

This might possibly the most fun event I've had the chance to attend, courtesy of FIJI Water Singapore!

As I had announced before, I was the official blogger for FIJI Water for one of the largest music festivals of the year that spans the whole of 12 hours from 12.40pm to 1am.

This was my first Laneway, and I was rightly excited because my recent discoveries of Poliça and Of Monsters and Men are going to be playing!

We arrived at around 12.45 by taxi and then walked in to join the throngs of people at the entrance. At that moment, Kings of Convenience was playing. They did around 5-6 songs I think, and warmed up the crowd for what's to come next. I've heard about them, but they are such a quiet sort of band I didn't expect the lead singer to ham it up for the crowd, dancing in his cute awkward way.

There were also FIJI Water Girls who were getting festival goers to take part in their Instagram contests with props. That added some air of festivity to the gig.

Here's where we settled for our spot! It was on the base of the hilly slope, just behind the circular path that people have to walk by to get to the other side. It was like a constant hipster parade, against the looming ship on top of 3 hotels, and the stage.

This is my outfit for the day - hipster sunnies, tank top and shorts. But I was inadequately prepared for the sun, as I painfully found out later...

Of course, there was FIJI Water to keep the thirst at bay. Thank god for these -- or we might have ended up in the First Aid tent somewhere where people were fainting left and right from the heat!

The heat itself was relentless. No umbrellas were allowed because it could block views, or used as a weapon. But if only they built some tents or provided some form of shade as the alternative, because everyone was withering from the sun!

There were a few moments where it hid behind clouds, but the skies were mostly clear.

By late afternoon the crowd has started to stream in. I actually can't see anything on my phone screen, so I just pointed at the general direction and snapped.

And this has got to be my favorite candid (phone screen still not visible) shot of the day. 

Yes it is very unglam. But it captures the colours, the people and the spirit of the festival.

And here I am with some FIJI Water! Ice cold never felt so good.

Bumped into the lead singer of loca band King Kong Jane at the festival too. Yay!

And now, some videos which I painstakingly uploaded onto Youtube to share the moments with you. You can see the crowd and feel some of the atmosphere, I hope. The moments when I turn my screen in, is when I tried to check if I am indeed recording. Haha. You don't have to play all - I'm sure there are better recordings out there on Youtube.

I really like Poliça's gig and was happy they did a great job at the Festival. The sound was excellent and the lead singer delivered with the same fortitude as the recording.

And my favorite - Of Monsters and Men! We came back specially at 4pm to catch this, after catching some air con in MBS after Polica. They were great because they knew how to work the crowd and had impressive stage presence.

Thanks again to FIJI Water Singapore for the treat!
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  1. My friend used to say that Singaporean got good sense in music they produce many albums every year. He used to update those here. And I really enjoyed the one in your post.


  2. I love Singapore! This is Awesome! Looks like they were all really having fun on the festival. I hope I could catch up next time and find a great deal of coupon for the next festival.