Food Review: Crab Broth Ramen at Keisuke Tokyo, Parco Millenia Walk

I had one of the better ramens in recent history, and I thought I'll share this wonderful find with you!

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen Dining was introduced by my colleague, and we visited the joint last week for lunch. She had talked about the crab broth that was used in the ramen, which immediately caught my attention. Miso, shio, shoyu. But crab?

There's this period of time where I was really into ramen and tried almost all the famous ones in Singapore. But there was none that could beat the authentic ramen experience from Japan - where you buy a ticket from the machine by looking at the pictures, and get it served to you from a hole in the wall. I don't really know why its so good -- is it the water, the noodles or the people making it?

In any case, I am rather finicky about ramen - for the record, I thought Marutama's the best, and Santouka's not to my liking (thick noodles). The one at Liang Court's not too bad, Tampopo. Ramen Champion at Bugis+ is wayyy too salty. And my favorite part of any ramen is the egg!

This ramen place is tucked away in Parco Millenia -- where you have to get past all the designer shops (tempting) before you reach an enclave filled with Japanese restaurants.

Small place, rather typical of Jap ramen joints.

And here it is! The Kani Ramen! The word Kani just excites me already.

It is a rather sparse menu - just like Marutama. But the good thing here is that you get to customize your ramen the way you like it. So there won't be random green veggies inside.

As you can see there's Tonkotsu, Shoyu, Shio and Miso. But there's also kani crab stock.
Once you have ordered, the waitress will come by and circle your orders furiously with a big red marker. Unfortunately, she missed out on a few ticks.

We ordered some gyozas to start. As you can see, they all stuck to each other. Obviously frozen and taken out to put on a frying pan. Not good.

But! Let's not let the gyozas distract you from the superstar that we all wanted to meet - the Kani Ramen!

So the first thing you would realize when you scoop into that bowl is how thick the broth is. And when I slurped it, it almost tasted like a seafood bisque. It was really that rich. However, the crab taste was really infused into the soup and lent it a seafood flair which ramen don't typically have.

That was unique. And I liked it!

The noodles were of the thick variety, but I do not mind it so much in this case because it complemented the thick soup well. The egg was also done to perfection, and so was the thinly sliced pork.

It felt though that it could overwhelm and becoming a bit too "gelak" for some people, so I have to warn you in advance. Order one regular and perhaps one with light soup base to taste.

Overall a great ramen experience. Go for it if you fancy a thick satisfying bowl of Japanese noodles with a touch of difference.

Keisuke Tokyo
9 Raffles Boulevard, #P3-02 Millenia Walk
+65 63377919
Mon to Fri: 11.30am - 10.00pm,
Sat, Sun & PH: 1.00pm - 10.00pm

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