Brunch Buffet Review: The Square at Novotel Clarke Quay

I am back once again to The Square at Novotel Clarke Quay, this time to try out their NEW Weekend Brunch! It's available on Sundays from 12-3pm for $68++ for adults (without free flow alcohol). The last I visited was in June last year!

It's rather quiet on a weekend morning at 12.30pm when I arrived. If you are sick of dealing with the weekend crowds at hipster places fighting for a place to have some food, visit The Square. It's only a 10 minutes walk from Clarke Quay MRT!

What will greet you at the start of the line will be crustaceans. Plenty of them. Anybody can have eggs for brunch, but mini lobsters and oysters?

From what I heard, the oysters that day were really fresh! It's always a good deal to have oysters at a buffet.

And of course, the ham, and all the usual goodies that are available for dinner buffet were still around.

Including the giant gammon ham. Perfect with some bread!

Here's what I took for my first round. Some salads, a bit of ham, and some sashimi.
They were delicious.

I did however requested also for some scrambled eggs (it's brunch!) and a savory crepe freshly made by the staff! The eggs were so nicely done. When I lamented to the chef how I don't think I'll ever make as great scrambled eggs as that, he laughed and said I just need to practice more! I agree.

I was in love with the crepe. To me it was the highlight of the brunch! It had bits of cheese, bacon, and an awesome sauce. You can go to the crepe station, and pick out your ingredients be it savory or sweet, and they'll make it for you. I would imagine the nutella crepe to be great as dessert as well.

Another staple has to be their cheese risotto which was perfect as usual. 

We also had a bowls of laksa to share. The laksa they have is really good! Piping hot with the right amount of spiciness.

By then I was kinda stuffed.. I don't think my stomach's that demanding in the day. So I ended it off with some fruits dipped in the giant chocolate fondue, and cheese.

Lastly, the sleeper hit of The Square - the Durian Pengat. It's just durian cream/mousse, to be honest. But it is THE durian cream. It's as good as having some fresh durian off the seed, but all plucked out and ready for you to enjoy with a spoon! The added cream also made it almost like a room-temperature ice cream. I can't believe I did not try this the last time, but I'm glad I did because now I can recommend it to you! If you or anyone you know are big durian fans, bring them here!

Excellent place for brunch if there's a special occasion (like your parents' birthdays or family celebration). The price is a bit hefty, but it is a buffet with a lot of seafood after all! Do remember to try the items I highlighted and you won't be disappointed!

The Square 
177A River Valley Rd, 7th Floor Novotel Hotel, Singapore 179031 
+65 63383333 

Thanks John for the invited food review by Novotel Clarke Quay!

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