Food Review: Two Blur Guys at Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 078867

Was kindly invited by StreetDirectory to check out a burger joint at my old haunt, Tanjong Pagar. I was really excited when I found out that it was the shop that is on the Orchid Hotel block called Two Blur Guys, just at the traffic light that you cross over to the Duxton area. I've always wondered what they serve when I see it while crossing the road because the shop front looks really cool and the name too.
I think I would have tried it out myself already if I had still been working there. Luckily there's the tasting invite -- now I have another good burger place to recommend!

We first started with a Tomato and Avocado salad on a bed of greens. I think we shouldn't have ordered that because each burger comes with a side of salad! Well I was thinking we'll need some greens. Anyway, take the advice - go straight for the burgers.

We ordered the Pulled Pork Burger ($11.50). According to Mr. Kay, one of the founders of the place, it was Grandma's Favorite because an old lady once popped into the shop on a random afternoon, ordered this and fell in love with it. Well, she did for all the right reasons! The pulled pork was sweet and savoury without being too overwhelming. That's usually the problem with pulled pork - they are sometimes too strong in flavour that all you get is an assault on your tastebuds.

We also got their star item - the Portobello Prime Beef Burger ($12.50+). Of course we had to. What I really love is that they make their own buns, which I think so far is the best I've eaten. There's this delicate sweetness in the light and fragrant bun which you don't find elsewhere. Perhaps it's because it's freshly baked? Whatever it is, it provided the perfect foil for the things inside.

And here's a cross section of the portobello and Prime beef. I LOVE IT. Really, this has to be one of the best burgers I've had recently, and I didn't pay through my nose for it.

I could finish the entire burger this time. The portobello was succulent and not overcooked/burnt. It sits gamely on top of some dressing, cheese, and that pink slab of minced beef patty that is oozing with juices. It was so satisfying to bite into it. You have to try it. A simple, homely burger with everything done just right. 

If you are wondering why it didn't come with fries but potato salad, it had a very practical and good reason for it. They can't make good fries AND good burgers in such a small place so they made a decision to do something which is equally or even better instead - the potato salad, which reminds me of KFC's mashed potatoes the moment I ate it. I'm not saying it is that, because this is made with real potatoes.. but there's this flavouring inside which made it very delicious. I could eat a full sized portion of the salad alone for lunch one day!

And lastly, the desserts. Now apparently the chef has a background in advertising AND started his own baking business after so the place had style, taste and GOOD DESSERTS.

The pecan pie was nothing less than what you would pay probably $15 at a hotel restaurant. And it is a fraction of that price. It was not bitter nor overly sweet. The textures and the crust are all mixed together to round the meal off to a satisfying full stop.

We also had an interesting chat with Mr. Kay while having the meal and found that he had ventured into the F&B scene without experience, but gamely took on the challenges. Everything from changing ovens to sourcing for bamboo plates to even mounting their cashier system! You might be surprised at all the work that goes behind the scene to come up with a place to serve you food. I know I was. It's all about "managing perceptions", he said.

When I asked if he would encourage someone to open a F&B place, his advice was do it only if you are passionate and have the deep pockets and thick skin to take the financial investments and criticisms. Otherwise don't, because it is tough. Very tough.

Now you know ok. Don't anyhow play play.

I'm sorry if this post sounded too much of a rave. The Blurgers there are really that good. The only thing which I might have a bone to pick will be the noise level in the space, since it was really small, though thankfully ventilation is alright. It can get quite chaotic during peak hours. Otherwise, it's a great place to just have an authentic burger experience.

Two Blur Guys
Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link #01-13, Singapore 077867
+65 6636 4183
Mon-Sat: 11am - 9.30pm

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  1. Mmmmm, their burgers are quite good and I like the casual vibe. Don't go during lunch hour cos the takeaway queue is enormous!