Happyeverywhere Singapore: Support the One Cent Movement

I would like to share a good thing with you guys today. Have you heard about the One Cent Movement?

If you haven't, the short one-liner for it is:

One Cent Movement works with businesses that deal with transactions, and get them to offer their customers the choice to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate that difference to charity.

Bank of America did it in the States with their "Keep the change" programme, where you can round up the purchase to the nearest dollar and save those extra cents in a savings account. But One Cent Movement thinks about not just the individual, but the community by helping individuals donate to charity without even lifting a finger.

It's Small Change, but it makes a Big Difference.

Right now they are trying to get as many people to know about this as well - go to their Facebook Page and LIKE! what they do so that businesses realize the amount of people who is supporting it, and will agree to install the rounding-up system in their checkout carts.

Please share this post and let everyone know about the One Cent Movement if you think it is a good idea :)

And now, sharing a cute video where they (shoutout to Steph!) were featured in Starhub's latest Happy Everywhere campaign, which is also a good idea by the way. Who says Singaporeans are not happy?

In fact, mrbrown did a video on ways we show that we're happy. #ifyouhappyandyouknowit

If you are happy and you know it, share this!

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