Event Report: The Great FIJI Water Race at SAVOUR 2013

Thanks to the invite by FIJI Water, I was able to attend SAVOUR 2013 last Saturday to take part in their Great Water Race during the afternoon session from noon to 4pm.

It's a bit like the Amazing Race, where you have to go to 5 pitstops to earn points by doing simple tasks - mostly posting photos on instagram and hashtagging it. You can win extra points though!

As I had another event to attend after, I did not complete all tasks, but did 4 out of 5. Nubbad!
The weather was clear, windy and the sun was blazing. Perfect day to hold an event, and drink some FIJI water!

The first task was to find the Tuckshop (water counter) and locate 5 bottles of FIJI Water with different back labels on it. I didn't know they have different labels. Now I do!

I was the first to get all 5 in a picture, yay!

Another one of the tasks is to go to the Barilla counter inside the building where the Gourmet Supermarket and indoor stalls were, pick 5 Barilla products and take a picture of them. I scored from spaghetti and a pasta timer from it too! Thanks Barilla!

After the 4 tasks, I had a bit of time to check out the food and spend my Savour dollars at the food fair. There were so many good participating restaurants, it was hard to pick!

I settled on Saint Pierre for my first taste.

The dish in question? Prawn Cocktail Pie Tee with Thousand Island Ice Cream.

Whenever I say that people just go "eww!" - haha. But I do think the ice cream was done really well. It was tart but light, not as disgusting as one would imagine. The prawns and bits of stuff in the crunchy pie tee holder was also really fresh. Great appetizer for a hot day.

When I was indoors, I also had the chance to sample the Fagottini Pasta with Parmigiano Cheese in Tomato Arrabiata Sauce from Oso. The chef was really animated in selling his plates of food, although my pasta was heated up by another girl behind the counter, from a big saucepan.

Tastes really good. I am really hungry now thinking of the tomato sauce on the little dumpling-like pasta balls which is quite powdery and cheesy.

Next up, the Lychee Frozen Martini with King Crab by Osia Singapore. It's another chilled food thing because it was really hot outside. The lychee was covered in a lightly fried batter and stuffed with crab. Very good combination because the lychee brought out the sweetness of the crab. Finish it off with the lychee martini sorbet below and it's a meal in a tiny cup.

Lastly for dessert, the Earl Grey Ice Cream with Chocolate Macaron Cookie from the Ice Cream Cookie & Co. - an online shop selling gourmet ice cream cookies. I really liked it. Huge macaron, soft and chewy, with the well-flavoured earl grey vanilla.

The F1 building houses two levels of stalls and even a Jasons Supermarket. I've never seen so much exotic foods in my life.

This is definitely a must-go for foodies, especially those with a penchant for gourmet or exotic flavours/tastes and ingredients. There was a foie gras ice cream somewhere too, if I was not wrong...

Pity I did not attend any cooking masterclasses or demonstrations. 

I'm really thankful I got to attend Singapore's largest food festivals though, thanks to FIJI Water!

 See you at the next Savour!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a fun event. I should come to Singapore!