Take the Healthy Lifestyle Index Now!

I'm super happy to report that I have improved my overall index score to 7.5 this time round!

The last time I took it last year in November I had estimated my score to be 7, but I got a 6 :(

But today I took it again, with the same estimate, and found myself to score higher this time. The only reason would be because I started going to the gym regularly since last December. It's been 5 months now..

What do you think your score will be like? Do the Healthy Lifestyle Index now to find out.

Also if you CHALLENGE your friends now in a #healthyrivalry (your friend has to complete the Index too before the referral is complete) and you might stand a chance to win a staycation for 4 at the Amara Sanctuary. It's very easy to win the top prize currently - you just need to challenge 40 friends! Hurry, contest closes 30 April.

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