Product Review: Sugar and Spice Nougat Candy from Taiwan CLOSED

*UPDATE 2017: I cannot find the supplier anymore as they seemed to have closed down! Please find others in Singapore instead.**

Just a quick post on a particular Taiwanese nougat candy called Sugar & Spice that I was sent for review by the distributor in Singapore. Thought I'll share it with you guys in case you're looking for a gift for a friend with a sweet tooth! I've also seen this when I visit Taipei recently in 2016 at a departmental store, and its still a huge hit especially among the Chinese tourists!

These are really really good.

I'm not saying this just because they were sent to me for review, but honestly if I were to try it when I'm in Taiwan or in SG, I would have bought some myself.

Why? Because the nougat is different from the normal nougats you would expect. The milk is more similar to the White Rabbit candy type, though not as cloying or artificial. The nuts inside are fresh and crunchy, and the nougat itself chewy without being tough. It's so addictive I have to stop myself from eating all of it at once!

According to the distributor, it is made with:

Freshly handmade from French unsalted butter from Normandy, milk powder from France and crispy California almonds, a special preparation technique gives these flavourful milk nougats a creamy, soft and chewy texture that are very different from the nougats currently available. No preservatives, additive or coagulant is added during the production process.

To order some and get it delivered, visit their website at - they send it to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Japan. For 500g it is currently only 350 TWD, which is about S$15!

  1. Hi Alexis and everyone,

    To thank all our customers for their overwhelming response to our milk nougats, tangWan is conducting a special bulk purchase exercise as a token of appreciation for your support.

    The bulk purchase will only proceed if at least 88 gift boxes are ordered between 22 May and 31 May 2013.

    Buyers will enjoy the lowest rates in Singapore if this bulk purchase materializes.

    Each gift box will cost only $14.90. In addition, customers will continue to have 2 delivery options - Flat fees of $1.50 and $5.00 apply for SingPost and YAMATO Courier service respectively.

    bulk purchase link :

  2. Hi, is it still possible to order the milk nougats and can I get toffee nougats too?

    1. Hi Lorraine, do SMS or email the person as per my blog post to order!

  3. It's really good! In fact I am munching it right now! Nomnomnom...

  4. can i know ,sugar spice halal or non halal