Food Review: Cedele All-Day Dining at Great World City, Singapore 237994

I was kindly invited by the folks from Cedele (pronounced "ce-deh-lee") to try out their dinner offerings at Great World City restaurant a couple of weeks back. I was curious at first as to why - it's not as if there was a new menu, new place or new chef.

Turns out, it's because they would like to remind and re-acquaint the restaurant with the media and public once in a while. I thought that was great because the trouble with food reviews these days is that they tend to favor the new, so you get 3 year old reviews for the old stalwarts in the Singapore dining scene.

In any case, I have always liked Cedele prior to the invite, mostly because I would go to their Swissohotel branch (not many people know there's a full-menu restaurant upstairs, not in the basement of Raffles City) to have lunch. I like their menu because it has all-day breakfasts, a good range of salads and sandwiches, and some interesting pasta concoctions. Not to mention their divine cakes to top it all off.

Before starting on the food, here's just a bit about our home-grown Cedele that makes them different from other restaurants out there.
Founded in 1997, Cedele's philosophy of Nutritionally Delicious is the starting point for every food product that is drafted into Cedele’s menu – putting what’s best for the customers first. In 2006, their all-day dining cafes started. 
As a rule of thumb, Cedele’s foods are free of trans fat, preservatives, chemical emulsifiers and additives. They are also the first to champion organic unrefined sugar, grapeseed oil and gluten-free dietary dishes. 
The Cedele difference is that the food is nutritionally delicious, Asian-inspired and made with artisanal skills.
Isn't it great? I really liked that they are ahead of the food trends curve with no trans fat and all. Despite all the 'healthiness' though you still get delicious tasting food and not bland tofu or wheatgrass. No. It's all balanced but delicious. The only thing might be the price points - with good quality ingredients, the prices also tend to be a bit higher.

I started the meal with a Apple Cranberry Lassi ($6.70). Unfortunately, it was a mishmash of flavors which did not stand out for me. I would say go for an iced tea instead.

For appetizers, we had 3 dishes. Started with the Burmese Shan Tofu ($8.90) which despite the very interesting name, tasted quite simply like tau guah with some shallots and sauce. Good for older folks?

There's also a simple Grills & Greens Salad Meal: Chicken & Walnut ($15). There was a myriad of different dressings which you can add on yourself. As a salad I would say it is really simple. Not very exciting for me just in terms of personal preference. Perhaps their Caesar Salad might have more oomph!

The one I really liked was the Vegetable Stacks ($18). The portobello mushroom inside was the bomb! The fact that there's no meat at all in this dish was also amazing. The light tomato sauce complemented well with the portobello, and I could even get past the brinjal (which I normally don't eat).

On to the mains! Luckily we were all given tasting portions while the full-sized ones are photographed, which was very thoughtful. 

The Prawn Paprika Risotto ($17.90) is one of those 'comfort food' type of dish that you would go to if you don't feel like trying something new that day. The prawns were fresh and bouncy, while the risotto was cooked well and soaked in the paprika/tomato-based sauce. It might get a bit too much if you have to finish the entire plate yourself, but that is always the case with risottos.

The highlight of the mains was a tie between the Black Pepper Crab Pasta ($17.50) and the next pasta dish. I really enjoyed the Black Pepper Crab Pasta because it is just aglio olio with black pepper, but done so perfectly everything blends together. The soft shell crab was delicious, and the seafoody taste accentuated with the small spice of the black pepper!

The Lemongrass & Lime Fish Pasta ($17.90) was the other contender. It was so good I feel like I can finish the whole big plate of it myself. For some reason, the lemongrass and lime taste just infused itself into the spaghetti so well that you don't feel at all heavy. The sea bass was also very fresh. Notice that they don't use a lot of different varieties of fish, so they can focus on getting the freshest.

Lastly we ended the meal with some organic fair trade coffee and cakes. The cakes sampler set was EXCELLENT. 

We had the Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake, Red Velvet,  Carrot Walnut Cake (walnuts from California!) and Blueberry Hazelnut Cheesecake, Strawberry Rose Cake, Black Sesame Tahini Cake and Salted Caramel.

If you need a recommendation on the cakes, go for the Red Velvet. They use natural red coloring from beetroot for it. All of their cakes also use raw unrefined sugar and an imported cream cheese with is their trade secret. It is super delicious! Since Cedele has roots in baking, you can be sure that cakes and desserts are their forte.

Overall despite some hits and misses, I did enjoy my meal at Cedele and would not hesitate to go back should I be in town and feeling hungry. Their food is on the pricier side but I would recommend it as sort of the 'default' restaurant you can go to for their huge range of food that is well done yet healthy!

Cedele by The Bakery Depot Comprising 3 All-day Dining Restaurants, 5 Semi-dining Restaurants, 15 Bakery Cafes, and 2 Retail Bakeries.

All-Day Dining Restaurants

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade #01-01/02 Great World City Singapore 237994
Tel: 6836 1426
Mon–Thu: 9am to 10pm, Fri: 9.00am to 10.30pm, Sat/Eve: 8am to 10.30pm, Sun/PH: 8am to 10pm

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #03-14 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880
Daily 10am to 10pm

Raffles City Level 3
252 North Bridge Road #03-28A Raffles City Shopping Centre (near Convention Centre) Singapore 179103
63378017 (no reservations during lunch time, I tried)
Daily 11am to 10pm
  1. I really like the one at Raffles City! It is somewhat like a hidden treasure for those who know!

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