Product Review: Florida Natural's Juices and Valencia Oranges

Let's take a break from the regular restaurant/food reviews for a bit, and take a sip of delightful orange juice shall we?

When Florida's Natural Singapore contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their juices and oranges, I was a bit surprised and unsure. But I thought I'll ask around my colleagues and friends on what they think of Florida's Natural, and the response was unanimous.

Everyone LOVES Florida's Natural juices because they are 100% juice and tastes great. It is the default juice carton you would want in your fridge, along with milk and Coca-Cola, of course.

Turns out that the company has been around for 80 years and there's plenty of heritage. This year, they have rolled out their new Valencia Oranges in pure fruit form, not juiced, so you can enjoy the goodness all the more! I tried them, and found it to be quite 'solid' in terms of fibre, but still sweet and juicy!

Other than that, I also got to try all the flavors of Florida's Natural juices other than the "No Pulp" version, with the Most Pulp, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Orange Pineapple and Apple Juice.

I shared them with my colleagues -- and some of them even got the brilliant idea to mix in some vodka because *pssst* it goes really well with the orange pineapple.

The next time you want some mixers, grab a dose of healthy with Florida's Natural juices.

Otherwise just drink them any time of the day by keeping a carton in your fridge. Yum!

Remember to grab some Florida's Natural next time when you go to the store. Thanks to Florida's Natural Singapore for the delivery!

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