Amazing Zespri Kiwifruit is Back!

Yes, it's kiwi season again! You must have noticed the green and gold furry fruit in all good supermarkets.

In any case I am here to give a huge congrats to the folks who took part in the second annual #AmazingZespri 14-Day Challenge.

You can search for #amazingzespri on Instagram or view their Facebook Page to look at some of the creative entries, such as this Rubix KiwiCube.

I also wanted to share the amazing meal I had during the media launch dinner for bloggers as I was an ex-participant of the Challenge. It was held at Fern & Kiwi, which did up a specialty menu featuring kiwis provided by Zespri, of course!

As you can see, all the dishes include some form of kiwi, be it as jam, relish, compote or flavor.

The kiwi really adds a fresh and tangy kick to the dishes which makes them much more refreshing and unique. For the salad, instead of just fruit pieces, it was integrated into the dressing.

For the mains I chose the rack of lamb, and can't believe how well the kiwi jam went with it. I can't believe no restaurant has made this a permanent item! The kitchen did a good job making the meat soft and juicy.

Lastly, my favorite - the kiwi panna cotta. It was tangy and refreshing, like a key lime pie, except healthier! 

Here are all the contestants (past and this year's) during the blogger dinner. We are all Zespri-ed!

Thanks Zespri & Edelman for the invite and yummy kiwis :)

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