Buffet Review: Crabs Are Back at Plaza Brasserie, ParkRoyal on 7500 Beach Road

The crabs are back! If you don't know what I am talking about -- I'm gonna let you in on a little secret that is not so little. I've got an invite from Plaza Brasserie of ParkRoyal Hotel at Beach Road recently to try out their Crab Buffet recently, which is when I realized that there's this thing which plenty of Singaporeans and tourists alike have been going to. 

At $55++ on weekdays and $58++ on Fridays/Sat/Sundays for adults, this is the greatest deal in Singapore for crabs!

Besides popular Chilli and Black Pepper Crab, along with Nonya Curry Crab, Butter Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Chef Jackson has also come up with 2 new crab recipes this year - Crab with Tang Gui and Baked Crab. They are probably the 'healthier option'.

This is the crispy soft shell crab, also a popular item.

The crabs are all served in giant pots like these which gets continuously refilled. Kgs and kgs of crabs get eaten up every night!

Besides crabs, there's also a selection of other buffet items (seriously, this is a good deal) such as your appetizers, noodles/rice, and some selection of seafood.

 Here's the seafood items. My dining companion had the oyster and rated it fresh and delicious!)
The sushi is also quite fresh - sure beats sakae sushi, for sure.

The sashimi was yummmmmmmmmmy. Really, look at that salmon!

And ze crabs! We tried to look for the pincers :P 

I did have quite a hard time trying to get the meat off the shells though because I am not an experienced crab eater - I only eat the pincers normally, which is a huge drumstick of crab meat. Some people prefer the legs or body though, where the real work comes in. 

A word here too on the crabs - do not expect them to be huge ass 2kg monsters - they are smaller than the usual 'main dish' crab size, because they are being cooked in such huge quantities. So only serious crab lovers apply, though I had fun eating all the other non-crab stuff too.

The curry one was probably my favorite despite salted egg coming to a close fight. The curry sauce was piquant, had kick, yet was saucy enough to be gravy for the sweet crab meat. The crab meat, while delicious, could also be juicier. Perhaps its the cooking method.

 Another perennial favorite of Plaza Brasserie's buffet line would be the braised sea cucumber with pork and mushroom, which I imagine would be a hit among the older generations looking for something comforting to eat other than raw fish and crabs.

Finally, finished the buffet off with a delightful cup of gelato, some sprinkles and a marshmellow and apricot from the chocolate fondue. It was a sweet ending to a really sumptuous meal.

It's one of the most super value for money buffets in town at a reputable and decent hotel. If you are a crab lover, this is one secret you want to be let in on. Hurry, promotion is till end of the month!
Sumptuous Crab Feast at PARKROYAL on Beach Road
Date: 5 June to 31 August 2013
Dinner (Mondays to Thursdays): Adult $55  Child $33
Dinner (Fridays to Sundays): Adult $58   Child $35
Prices are subjected to10% service charge and 7% GST.

For enquiries or reservations, please call Plaza Brasserie at 6505 5710.

Thanks Karen for the invite!

  1. You write good things about this place because you ate fro free right?

  2. Hi Alex, no I didn't. I honestly think the restaurant offers a good deal.

    Most of the food reviews on my blog are generally favorable because I only share the good things - if I had an unpleasant meal or if its not up to scratch, my policy would be to send an email to the PR company/restaurant instead to feedback instead of publicly criticizing it -- that is the least I could do since I was invited.