Music App Recommendation: 5 reasons why Spotify rocks

I am here to recommend you the best thing since iTunes and sliced bread. It is a music app/service/player that I had been waiting for to come to Singapore since.. 3 years ago? Today I am going to tell you 5 reasons why it rocks so much. Go to after and check it out for yourself if you haven't heard of it before.

1. Multiple platforms on cloud for always-on access

There is a web player (, an App you can download for your Mac, and an iPhone/iPad mobile App for your phone for on the go (Premium account only). All of it is synced with your user account, so you can keep your playlists wherever you go! I am currently on Premium :)

Even if you don't get the Premium, the Free feature still has all of the music library and user account feature.

2. Playlists

Actually this is the reason why I love Spotify. I just discovered that there are tonnes of playlists (e.g. Mashable has a list) out there you can subscribe to, some of which will be updated regularly. This for example -

Lady Gaga's Applause is hot on my spotify!

3. Offline listening

With a premium account you can sync tracks to load onto your phone, so you can listen to them even without 3G. That is... legal downloading? In this screenshot, you can see I have two playlists downloaded.

 4. Discovery

Spotify makes discovery of music really intelligent and easy. Through what you have listened to previously, they can recommend similar genres or reminders to listen to them again. There's also the Radio function which will play similar music to a particular track you have selected.

The powerful thing with Spotify is that it can even handle Chinese music pretty well.

5. Sharing 

What I really like about Spotify is also that it connects you with like-minded music lovers and allows you to share playlists, songs so easily. You can publish it on social media (Twitter, Facebook) or even embed playlists. You can also look at what your Spotify friends are listening to either via the app or on your newsfeed.

Here's the OST for the new local movie, The Girl in the Pinafore, which I caught last night. I quite liked the songs in them. 

That's about it. Download Spotify now and REALLY start listening to music!

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