Food Review: The Lawn at AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way Singapore 068811

Salad lovers rejoice! The Lawn has a new branch at AXA Tower so you don't have to go all the way to Biopolis (which I reviewed here) for your fix. I am glad to be invited to try out the new branch and review the food, place and people ;)

The branch is located conveniently at AXA Tower, just right outside the main air-conditioned entrance. The restaurant itself is very bright and cheery -- and this time round, ventilation is well-managed because I can't smell a thing other than the anticipation for good food!

The ordering system here is a little bit like the dim sum system. Tick from a sheet of paper what you want salad or wrap, and then select your toppings, meat(s) and sauces. You can view them here.

Little touches in the restaurant makes it have great personality.

Especially love the quote on the wall. Hear ye, Andy.

We ordered caramel iced lattes to start. Love that they have a coffee machine so you can also get a caffeine fix.

There's also a soup shot add-on for $2. I really liked the thick mushroom soup - it almost feels like drinking blended mushroom with cream! The mushroom taste was really strong and flavoursome. 

This was the salad I ordered this time. Again it was a great super filling bowl of salad with juicy fresh bouncy prawns and super fun sauces. I really don't think I have any complaints with this. You know it's a great bowl of salad just by looking at it, and I can assure you it tastes good as well (unless you pick all the toppings you hate and drench it in sauce, then it is not their fault!)

Just showing some scale comparison here. Look at the size of the bowl! Super worth it.

Here's what someone else ordered. Looks good eh?

We also tasted olive fried rice and fish. The olive rice was surprisingly savoury and fragrant. I didn't expect it because I thought it will be bland to make the toppings/meats stand out, but in fact I think I can eat this on its own. The fish itself was normal.

 Lastly, cakes from Gobi! They had to be had, despite the fact that we were all stuffed with greens and meat. They just look simply irresistible, though at $7.50 a piece it is quite pricey. Then again, you know you are paying for quality cakes.

The oreo cheesecake was to die for. My second favorite's the matcha -- so fluffy and light! Tiramisu hero, nothing special leh. The only thing special about it was the mason jar, but that also made eating the tiramisu inside difficult.

A big green thumbs up for The Lawn in bringing affordable, quality and generous meat and greens to CBD area! If you are working around there, or not even nearby, you should definitely go to The Lawn one day for dinner or lunch. Be advised that lunch hour crowds might get crazy though so have patience. 

The Lawn
8 Shenton Way, B1- 11 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
Tel: +65 65348749
Open daily from 10.30am to 9pm

Thanks to The Lawn for the invite!

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