Product Review: Way Better Snacks in Singapore!

Have you ever picked up a bag of chips and put it back to the shelf on second thought, because you know they are VERY BAD for you?

I have.

Sometimes it is really difficult to find snacks around that are delicious yet not disastrous for your diet and health. Unless chomping on carrot and celery sticks appeal to you.

However, I was sent 3 bags of tortilla chips called Way Better Snacks, and they are somewhat a revolution in the USA. Why? Because it is gluten-free, organic and everything. I won't be surprised if they are like ISO-certified. The great news is now they are available in Singapore!

Packed with organic sprouted chia seeds, daikon radish seeds, flax seeds, quinoa and broccoli seeds, these chips are not only certified gluten free & non-GMO, they are also visually appealing.

Have a look at the video to learn more about them.

I've tried the sweet chili, black bean and blue corn flavours and I have to say.. the sweet chilli's my favorite! It is quite solid like a normal tortilla, but has bits of seed inside which makes me feel a little like a bird. It might also feel a bit like eating cardboard at first (but that's not really a bad thing.. no, really). But overall the flavoring was really appetizing and I had fun munching on them and sharing it with my colleagues.

I would imagine them to be great snacks for parties because people will actually be eating good chips instead of salt-laden artifically flavored and processed to death potato or corn chips.

Here's where you can get them! It's $4.50 per bag which slightly more than the usual but then again you are buying SPROUTED seeds compressed into yummy chips. There's also a big bag for $8.50.

Online (by Eu Yan Sang group) 

The Straits Wine Company
Group Therapy Coffee 
Upper Crust by the Organic Baker 
Zenxin Organic Food
The Organic Grocer 
Central Park UTown 

Get it now and snack Way Better!
Thanks Le Bono for sending them over.

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