#AfterEating: Cafe Melba Parma Ham and Rocket 9" Pizza

What I had for lunch today. 

Obviously it was delicious!

Hover your mouse over to view the "before", click on the link if you are on mobile.

The parma ham was fresh, and the light bitter taste of the rocket contrasted well with it. All of this on a thin layer of tomato sauce and mozarella, with a thin crispy crust the way I liked it. I had a member's VIP card (borrowed from a friend) which means the 9" pizza was only $12. What a steal! If not for the rather warm temperatures both indoors and outdoors, I believe I will frequent Cafe Melba more (previous review of brunch here.)

I actually had the idea for a while of posting empty plates.. and I posted one this morning on instagram, with a description of what I had.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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