Event Report: Ben & Jerry's Couch Potato at Chunkfest 2013

Chunkfest this year was off to a wet start, but fun! A little bit weird, a whole lot of fantastic!

It was also a chance to debut the new flavour for Singapore - the Ben & Jerry's Couch Potato! Made with vanilla ice cream, caramel swirls and CHOCOLATE COVERED POTATO CHIPS.

Now, how awesome does that sound? I am sold. After trying a cup of it, I am more than sold. I think my favorite Phish Food has a challenger... salty and sweet, who can resist?

Other than just ice cream, there were charity NGOs and organisations such as the Kerby food truck, Project Happy Feet and Chris' Cafe that sold goods for charity. I am glad there's some charity to be done while everyone's having ice cream.

Now, are you gonna be a couch potato without Couch Potato? Then you are not really couching as a potato. Go get some now in all good supermarkets for $13.90! And no, this is not an advertorial. I really think its an awesome flavour....

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