New Restaurant: PODI with 1-for-1 mains at Raffles City Basement, Singapore 179103

There's a 1 month old restaurant in Raffles City basement (taking over Pita Pan) called Podi (pure. offbeat. delicious. infusions - that's what it stands for, apparently) which me and my friend decided to dine at tonight because Nam Nam Noodle Bar always has that super long queue. The meal was surprisingly pleasant and the best part is they are having a 1 for 1 mains opening special which I heard will expire by 8 Dec (tentative date), so you NEED to go there for dinner or brunch asap.

Despite the deal, the place was actually only 80% occupied at peak dinner hour on a weekday in Cityhall, which is not that great for a new restaurant.

Hopping onto their website, I also discovered that it is actually opened by the good folks of The Bakery Depot, who are behind Cedele. They should have talked about that somehow.. somewhere. It's good street cred to have!

Food-wise, the chicken soup with bread was very comforting and homestyle. There's actually a big chunk of chicken underneath that seemingly vegetarian layer on top of the soup. The salad was made with a sweet dressing which we did not expect (normally it's just balsamic vinegar). It's not caramalized onions.. so what can it be? Felt like syrup actually.

It's a pity the bread that was served was not really warm by the time it got to us. We feedbacked to the really friendly waitress though. Her service was great.

I had the prawn konbu pasta ($18) which was.. interesting. The sauce was not olive-oil based, nor was it creamy. The closest I could find to compare it would be.. hokkien mee. I know, weird. But actually not bad for the pasta, which wasn't over or undercooked, because the flavour is rich and intense.

One thing about the dish again though, was that I did not expect the use of rocket leaves on it, nor the fact that it was slightly spicy (I could see the chili seeds inside). Even though I LURVE rocket leaves, and the spicy level was not high at all, both of these details weren't mentioned on the menu (I think). I've also given feedback to the waitress that it would be good if their food items had more description on what is contains if it is not the usual pasta + sauce type + seafood type. Otherwise, restaurants get away with it by using photos, but their menu is the paper clipboard type.. 

Well if they didn't change at least you know about these two dishes!

And look at the bill! We saved 100% - $18 bucks from the promo. Even if the drink was rather overpriced at $4.50 and not very nice (house iced lemon tea, it says on the menu).

Still a good new joint to check out if you are around the Raffles City area and wondering what to eat. I know I'll be back soon before their 1-for-1 ends!

#B1-45 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
6336 5648
Weekdays 10am to 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Weekend/PH: 9am to 10pm

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  1. I have tried the two dishes you ordered, getting myself a 1-for-1 as well. The food was not bad, but neither was it impressive. I had my experience shared in my blog, which I hope would complement your experience as well.

    Drafts From My Coffee Table - PODI @ Raffles City