Bangkok 2013 Day 2

Day 2 of our Bangkok City Tour finds us visiting JJ (or Chatuchak) Market for more than half a day, followed by dinner at Chinatown, night stroll at Khao San Road and finally visiting the new Rod Fai Market at Srinakarin area. Watch the HTC Video Highlight here!

I always love going to Chatuchak because you never know what you're going to find. This time is no different. The weather is also more forgiving because I remember I went once before where it was scorching hot!

A new area has sprouted up at JJ Market with more 'hipster' and local designer items in air-conditioned boutique shops.

Thai iced tea with grass jelly. The quintessential asian drink!

And super awesome mango sticky rice. I wish we had like 5 more packets of it!

Hipster spectacles shop!

And the famous Thai coconut ice cream was super refreshing.

We went into the pet section - and saw these two lovely doggies sleeping on the swing. It was cuteness overload.

And we had lunch at the peripheral of JJ Market - BIG mistake! The bowl looks huge but its filled with substandard food. Probably the worst meal we've ever had in Thailand.

The chicken was cold and hard and not crispy :(

After the disappointing lunch we strolled around the art gallery area for a bit.

There are some specialty shops around, like this that sold bone sculptures.

Hipster bikes abound! 
They looked like they were used daily though, instead of just a decorative item.

Here's a shirt bought just the day before! Haha elevator model.

We then took a tuk-tuk to Chinatown. The TT was decked out in lights every time the driver brakes. 

Dinner was at T&K Seafood Restaurant. There are plenty of seafood restaurants lining the main road of Chinatown touting cheap sharks fin. We picked this because it is an established one with good zi char.

This fish was out of the world. So fresh!

The meal was about S$20 each because we all had a pot of claypot sharks' fin when we should just have ordered one and shared.

We walked around and bought some snacks. Thailand is in particular famous for this compressed pork floss snack which looks like dried pieces of "dog shit", from this brand. 

After the snack buying we went to Khao San Road by taxi! This place was made famous by the movie The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Great movie by the way. 

While there we spotting paper lanterns in the sky! Apparently it is a special day where everyone will release paper lanterns in the sky for blessing and good luck. It is a pity we missed the festival at its origination because we did not realize it was a special day. 

Still, it was pretty awesome to see them in the sky.

We also saw a mobile bank. How cool is that??

While at Khao San we saw some stalls selling insects, so Ben bravely decided he'll try it.

Fried cricket. Looks like a distant relative of Jimmney.

JM tried it.

So did I! I was really apprehensive at first but since all of them already tried it and nothing happen (LOL) I thought I'll do it too.

Actually it didn't really taste of anything (except salt and fish sauce). It was just the prickly and crunchy shell texture with the legs that was not so pleasant. I wouldn't have it again only because of it. Perhaps the fried worms are better, but we didn't try it because hello having 1 fried cricket is ENOUGH.

Our last stop was at Rod Fai Market. We actually took a long time travelling there because it is really far after moving AWAY from JJ Market. It was almost as far as the airport. But when we got there I really wished we had spent more time as the place closes at midnight. We only arrived at around 10.30pm.

There were so many bike and vintage shops! 

Stalls outside.. stalls inside.. There are just a gazillion things to see!

Some streetside noodle snack to munch on first.

Gross looking squids which we didn't eat.

A retro coffee shop! It's so unbelievably retro, you feel like you travelled back in time. Good to know that in Thai culture they also have their retro artifacts.

Part of a train that came from the train station of the old place (I think!) that got bulldozed over by development.

Here's the last shot of the market! I really enjoyed it and would totally go back to BKK again just to visit Rod Fai.

Hope you enjoyed Day 2! Day 3/4 is coming right up :)

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