Bangkok 2013 Day 3 and 4

Finally, the last 2 days of our epic bangkok city tour. I've combined these 2 days because we kinda 'lost steam' in the areas we covered, but were holed up in malls doing shopping instead. After all, who doesn't want to shop in Bangkok?

We started day 3 with a hearty Thai breakfast of toasted bun with butter inside (the one we saw the night before!) and some very awful tasting Thai coffee. Stick with Thai milk tea, it's safer!

This is me -- you wouldn't have guessed, but I actually stubbed my toe at the hotel as I was leaving and ended up with a split nail and a big gash on the toe, which made me limp a fair bit as we were walking about. I am such a klutz! Also, I am not showing the picture of the toe because it is disgusting. 

After breakfast we actually went to Pratunam area but there wasn't much to see/buy so we took a taxi to Siam Square, and had some good Thai iced tea first!

Then into the mall itself - Siam Discovery. Like any other mall, there are plenty of international retailers.

But our aim is the Greyhound Cafe! 
Finally. I must have heard about this place since 5 years ago? 

It is like our PS Cafe concept - opened up by the same fashion label. 
I heard Greyhound was opened by creative directors from advertising as well.

We had a really good Western meal.

These Greyhound chicken wings marinated with fish sauce is really good and deservedly signature.

Their pastas were allllright. Not mindblowing, but still pretty decent for the price (not expensive!)

Next, I have to introduce you to the best Crepe Cake in Bangkok. It is in Siam Paragon (opposite) basement and I think we have the franchise here in SG for a bit (but they are moving out?). 

You need to visit Coffee Beans by Dao for their vanilla crepe cake.

In fact, try ALL their cakes!

Here it is. Super duper soft and the cream is not at all thick or heavy - a thousand layers of thin crepe layered with sweet light cream. THIS IS THE BOMB.

There's also the durian cake which is out of this world. It's like eating durian puree in refined, cake form!

The green tea crepe cake was also really good. I don't have words for these cakes, except, GO EAT THEM.

So we had that awesome cake, and walked around and shopped more before going back to the hotel and onwards to dinner!

Guess what we are having? It's Mookata! Yes the infamous Thai steamboat that is making their presence felt in Singapore, which I have yet to try/see in Bangkok before until now. 

This was the one at Victory Monument called Pla Tong Mookata.

It's open air, and food can be collected at one side, much like our buffets. It's not restaurant quality of course, but the meal was 7 SGD for all you can eat meats and what nots. That is probably the CHEAPEST buffet I've ever eaten in my life.

So fun! Love how the juices drip down into the 'drain' of soup and veggies etc. This mookata can be eaten.. perhaps once a year? It is not very healthy, haha. But very fun.

After eating we just went back to the hotel, showered and concussed. 

It was our last day in Bangkok! We have a flight to catch at 4pm so we had to make full use of our day.

We (or rather, me) planned for us to go to Thong Lor's ROAST Cafe for brunch, so we took the train to Thong Lo BTS. We walked out and in a few metres spotted a restaurant frying up tonnes of pad thai and orh luah! And these are the two dishes we have yet to try, which is representative of Thailand. So we must try. 

Here it is! Each plate costs $4.80 bucks SGD which is rather ridiculous for 'street food' but we were desperate, it looked/smelt so good and its our last day anyway so letssss do it.

They were really good. Maybe not justifiable for the price (relative!) but I felt that it was worth it for such perfect plates of pad thai and orh luak. 

We then reached ROAST! It was 11.30am and we got seats quite easily though it started filling up quite fast. This was the cafe I went last year as well after hearing people talk about it. About 50% of their customers are probably Singaporeans.

It is the most hipster cafe of all hipster cafes.

The decor's really nice! And here's us and the food.

This is the only thing you should not order. The crabcake. VERY fishy-stale.

There was a bar downstairs with barbies hanging by their feet.

Here's a selfie! On the way back to Platinum Mall for the last round of shopping.

They have a lot of things.. including "toms". We call them Tom Toms.

And 2 last street food before we left. We got their on the way to the hotel where we did last minute packing. This was super spicy mango or papaya salad. Why is it always so spicy, but so good and fresh?

and this was half eaten OTAH! Bought from the street. I can't believe I spotted it for CY cos he has been talking about it for the past 4 days. 

After we bought the otah, we also saw a motorcycle snatch robbery in action. I can't believe my eyes as a bike went up this 2 Caucasian middle-aged ladies with a guy in between, and snatched one of their gold necklace and the handbag! Luckily the lady held on to the handbag, but the guy managed to ride off with the necklace. They cried out and ran after it but of course it was in vain.. After that they went to our hotel and the CCTV actually had footage of the motorcylist, but I doubt it will be useful at all. It's a lost cause -- and I am so glad we don't look like rich tourists ready to be robbed! If it was us, it would have soured my experience with BKK so much.

Still, a valuable lesson to be learnt - never wear flashy jewelry and keep your bags secure when you are walking. This applies for every where not just Bangkok.

And that is the end of my epic 4-day Bangkok City Tour trip, photographed exclusively with the HTC One. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures and itinerary!

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