Hands-on Review: SodaStream Source in Singapore

I don't know if you guys know this, but I am a huge soda lover. I love to drink Coke, ginger ale, Root Beer, Sparkling Ribena.. as long as it is flavoured and fizzy, I'm ordering it! And you know how sometimes you're home, it's warm, and all you crave for when you open the fridge is a glass of coke, but there's none available? That is why for a while now I've always thought of getting a SodaStream so imagine my excitement when a unit got sent to me to try it out!

Why so excited, you ask? Well because it is the most innovative machine to ever be invented for the home kitchen, that's why Apparently this innovation has been Europe for ages, only caught on in the States a couple years back (and you know they are huge soda drinkers) and now it is in Singapore!

What it does is to carbonate water with a CO2 canister, so you can always have sparkling water available! Isn't that ingenious?

I did a how-to video with my brother (we were really excited when the package arrived) and you can find the video at the end of this post.

The one I received was the SodaStream Source in Metallic Red (limited edition). The package's really compact. Easy to carry. It's quite light, about 2,3 kg? And you DO NOT NEED a power source. There's a battery inside which I presume lasts for very long!

I was given two big bottles of syrups, and a few sampler packs of other flavours which uses artificial sweeteners to lower the calorie. I prefer their Natural range of syrups made with real sugar though, which is also available in stores. 

In any case, I had a few friends over, so I decided to host a mini #sodastreamhomeparty for them, using some ginger ale cordial I bought from the supermarket! I love the taste of ginger, that's why. And it's even better when it's fizzy and cold (the only way to drink it I think).

My fizzy bottle of ginger :) This was after some minor explosions happened. 

NEVER. EVER. add ginger cordial to water and try to fizz it because it will not go down well.
ONLY CARBONATE WATER. That is very important.

Anyway, you're like OK this sounds cool and perfect for Christmas, so how much is it and where can I buy?

Well there's a Christmas promo going on for the Source Red Metal (limited edition) so grab them at Takashimaya, Tangs (Orchard & Vivo), Robinsons (Centrepoint, Orchard and Jem), BHG (Bugis), OG (Albert Complex, People's Park Complex**, Orchard Point**) and ToTT Store. Do note that for stores with **: only have Source Metal Red.

You can find the list of stores here.
You can also buy syrups and the CO2 at some of them.

You might also wonder what is the value of having this machine? Well, one CO2 canister can do up to 60 litres of water. It retails for $55, and the refill only costs $22. :O 

That means once you're on your refill canister, it's 36 CENTS per litre of carbonated water. Need I say more on the price??

Lastly, they are really quite affordable - the lowest priced ones go for S$208 onwards. You can check out the SodaStream Singapore's Facebook Page on Products for the rest!

Thanks to SodaStream Singapore I got to have so much fun with the SodaStream Source. I highly recommend for you to check it out in stores because it is the perfect Christmas gift for you and your family or even a housewarming present to get!

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  1. Today I was at ToTT and someone was trying it commented that it tasted like detergent..haha I walked away.