Hidden Find: Pasta Vista Cafe & Bar Singapore at 95 East Coast Road, S428793

Sometimes you've gotta root for the small guys. The local restauranteurs and people who are brave enough to set up F&B in the highly competitive Singaporean scene, who are up against the likes of Jamie's Italian and Michelin-starred chefs. And that's exactly what PastaVista did. It's a western food bistro/cafe/bar that serves up very decent pastas and other food opposite i12 Katong Mall which I hope everyone would give a chance at, next time you are in the east!

It is lined up against a row of shophouses selling everything from Aston's further up to Korean BBQ and Japanese steamboats, so it is rather easy to miss out. Upon entering you might think its only just 20 seats on the first floor, but there's actually more seats upstairs!

Here's the menu. Very simple, but quite extensive when you look at the amount of dishes offered.

The most important thing is, prices are VERY affordable. This is like.. Pastamania or Pizza Hut Lunch prices, but trust me, the quality is much better.

There are also a few meat mains for those who do not want carbs from pasta.

Here's me with my ginger ale. Haha.

OK let's get onto the food. We had the Baby Crayfish Bucatini ($12.90) first. I was told that Bucatini is a special type of pasta that looks like spaghetti, but it is actually hollow inside. I thought that was really special - and when you taste the dish, you realize that the hollow pasta actually helped to create this texture that complements the cream sauce. It's a pity the crayfish was added into the dish at the end instead of being cooked together with the sauce for the complete seafood experience. That was my only gripe - but break the egg and mix in the roe, and you get a really great dish for just $12.90! :O

Photo quality's really decent don't you think? With the HTC One, which performed well in low light!
Next, a main course - the Mustard Chicken ($12.90). Again really decent for the price, though it is not as huge as from Aston's. The marinate was tasty, and the meat wasn't too dry. If you want a simple uncomplicated protein dish, this is it. 

We were also given some other pastas to sample! The Seafood Aglio Olio ($12.90) is the one I had felt like ordering at first. Again a very simply put together pasta that you COULD do at home, but why go into all that effort when they do it so well at Pasta Vista? Compared to Pastamania's aglio olio, this is leagues ahead with the al dente but moist pasta coated with garlic and olive oil, with hints of clam and seafood.

Next - one of the more interesting pastas on the menu - the Spicy Yuzu Spaghetti ($11.90). The main thing I must first say is that it is VERY spicy (for me) but really packs a 'shiok' punch. The yuzu lent that sour zesty side. I can imagine this to be very appetizing.

Lastly, the Tortellini with Cream of Mushroom ($10.50). I would have this again in full-size if I could because I find them really addictive! Tortellinis are so much fun to eat. The mushroom cream sauce is also just right and not too thick or salty.

To finish up the meal, we had the Chocolate Melted Cake ($7.90) served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I really liked it also because it is NOT TOO SWEET. I can't tell you how many chocolate lava cakes like to overdose on the sweetness. Not this. And the cake was rather crusty outside, but warm and melty inside. The combination of textures with the ice cream was heavenly!

I would really recommend this place for anyone in the East. Great cosy and homely ambiance, attentive friendly service and most importantly, value-for-money pastas and food that sits above your usual chain restaurants. 

Pasta Vista Cafe and Bar
95 East Coast Road, Singapore 428793
Sun - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00, Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 01:00, Eve of PH: 11:00 - 01:00

Thanks to Pasta Vista for the invite!

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