I Love Mashups 2013

Time of the year again for mashups! My favorites such as DJ Earworm or Mashup Germany did not disappoint this year, though Pop Danthology is probably the most epic this year with 68 songs all in one.

In any case, enjoy this mashup compilation of mashups to review the best songs of 2013, and comment to let me know if I missed out any.

Which is your favorite this year?

** EDIT - 5 Jan 2014 **

I just discovered that Robin Skouteris did release a 2013 Pop Love and I cannot miss it out! Here it is. And in my opinion, Pop Danthology is not as good... I declare Pop Love 2 a winner!

- End of EDIT -

2. Pop Danthology 2013

3. DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2013

4. Mashup Germany Top of the Pops 2013

5. #AndyWuMusicland Mashup 2013

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  1. omg I love mashups too!!!!!!

    DJ earworm 2009 still my fav