5 lucky things you must eat in the Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the time of the year again when the weather is hot (apparently the #sgwinter CNY did not happen), the air is filled with smells of relatives and last minute car washes and the sounds are full of Stephen Chow and Huang Fei Hong reruns.

Cute greeting seen on Facebook!

ANYWAY! Last night I had a brainwave about what are the 5 foods that has the word "马" or "bei" (horse in hokkien) or horse in them. And with the help of my siblings, we have managed to come up with 5.

Here they are. If you eat them during CNY you will strike lottery and get promoted and be blessed with all the things you want.

1. 马铃薯 (potato chips)

This might give you a sore throat and a 2 day MC, but its much cheaper than ba kwa, and same health effect.

2. 马来羔 (literally translated to 'malay cake' but its really just a steamed cake)

I have no idea why it is called that, but its super soft and fluffy and looks like nian gao. You can order it from Tim Ho Wan!

3. 马蹄酥 ('bei teh sor', a chinese type of flaky pastry with malt candy inside)

Very delicious and great as a late night snack with milk when all the Chinese stalls outside are closed and you don't feel like having prata or Macs again.

Source: Ms-SkinnyFat.com

4. 沙奇马 (aka 'Sak Ki Mah', a snack made with sugar and flour and more sugar?)

It literally translates to kill ride horse, so it must be a killer snack that you HAVE to eat to get a stable job. Geddit geddit.

5. Swedish meatballs from a certain furniture shop

I don't think you can find them on the market anymore, but pre-scandal times, them meatballs were super awesome. Add the cranberry sauce and its a dish you can have for Christmas AND chinese new year.

Annnd that's concludes the post. I was just horsing around of course.

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