Fine Dine & Wine Review: JAAN lunch at Level 70, Swissohotel, Singapore 178882

I'm not sure how many people I've told, but one of the goals I've had ever since writing about food is to be invited to a fine dining establishment (sparkling or still water, many sets of cutlery, little morsels of food on big plates and an extensive wine list) to review their food, for free.

However I realized shortly after that there's a flaw to that grand plan, because if you are a very good fine dining joint where the reservation list is 3 months long, chances are you would not be inviting bloggers to do any sort of tasting. My only glimmer of hope remains in newly opened fine dining restaurants - and only if I carve out a niche for myself in being a purveyor of fine dining experiences, which sadly I cannot proclaim to be.

But what happened was that my sister's friend from Macau was visiting and he is a huge restaurant critic and expert (he wrote for Tatler HK and the South China Post, plus wrote a book), and he decided to give both me and my sister a treat - lunch at Jaan's! Imagine my excitement. Ending of 2013 with this couldn't be better.

Anyway, because my sister's friend knew Chef Julien, we got a massive great deal of additional dishes on the house (I counted 12 dishes, excluding the bread), even though the bill was only $118 per pax for lunch (excluding the wine), which is honestly very value for money for the amount of effort put into the food. This is certainly one of those places where going for lunch is much better if you don't want to wait for dinner, and want equally good food.

The view from the 70th floor was breathtaking, even if it was a bit hazy that few days.

We started with hummus and crackers in a delightful little jar.

Then a 3-part starter. Presentation is certainly top-notch!

Excellent portugese wine, Barda, was the wine du jour. 
Very light and fruity. Perfect for lunch.

Next was mushroom soup! Except it wasn't your typical type. 
So delicious and comforting.

House-made bread with French butter. 
There were 3 types to choose from.

Then this, the 'Beetroot Collection' with Burrata ‘artigiana’, honeycomb, preserved raspberries. It is probably the only dish I didn't like amongst all. It's a medley of ice cream, jellies and fruits. I felt like it was too 'perfumed' and not tart enough to start the appetite.

This is called, Autumn Garden - made with forgotten vegetables, hazelnuts and ’Auvergne’ ham. The green thing you see is actually some sponge cake type of thing. I enjoyed the ham very much.

Then, the famous 55’ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg - made wtih smoked rattes, chorizo iberico, buckwheat. The presentation was divine. First they served them in the tray.

Next they brought out the cup with rosemary smoking below for the smell to surround you.

Then the waiter pours the egg ceremoniously into the cup. Voila!
It was superb.

Next, the waiter brought out what I thought to be Julien's pet.
Turns out, it's what we'll be eating in a few minutes. Poor lobby! You were delicious.

This was lobby, turned into a delightful dish.

Then, pigeons! In a nest of mushrooms and herbs.

Turned out to be like this next. The pigeon was pink and juicy. 
Wonderfully flavored and not too gamey.

And that's the end for the mains! We move on now to the desserts. But wait! There's a pre-dessert of grapefruit grenadine to start.

Followed by a chocolate concoction. I don't really know what it was except for a mix of textures all complementing each other perfectly.

Then another trio - a fun platter to just look at. I loved the bubbling choco pops.

Lastly, some homemade nutella and hazelnut spread on biscuits. Again a very lovely and dainty touch that delighted us plenty.

Lunch at Jaan was an excellent affair to remember - something I highly recommend everyone to try it out even if its a value-for-money treat for yourself or a loved one.

Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore, 178882
+65 68373322
Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 14:00, Mon - Sun: 19:00 - 22:00
Closed on Sun lunch & PH

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