Brunch review: Intrepid Gastro Bar at #01-01 Far East Square, 40 Pekin Street Singapore 048770

You know how there are days when you wake up and all you want is a big breakfast with steaming eggs, sausages and bread? And some days all you want is a simple bowl of wanton noodles. Well, for the former, there's Intrepid Gastro Bar at Far East Square. Intrepid is an Australian-inspired gastro bar that does a mean breakfast gig with many classics and some twists - perfect for late brunch or just an early lunch during the weekends before you head elsewhere.

I had the pleasure to visit Intrepid late last year for a tasting and found it great. The owners were friendly, the staff obliging and the atmosphere was cheery. There was also painting classes outside, which looked really interesting.

I'll leave the pictures to do some of the talking for me!

I really enjoyed their latte by the way - it was a really light fragrant blend.

We had really cute latte art - mine was the lion!

Breakfast is till 5pm on weekends, so eat away! Dr. Seuss Special sounds really fun, doesn't it?
Prices are also really fair.

We started with the Benedict Twins ($16) with prosciutto or house-smoked salmon, potato rosti, and hollandaise sauce. It was torched just before serving as well for that lightly browned top.

Next, the highlight for that day must be the Breakfast Pan ($19), which caused quite a sensation when I posted it on my Instagram. It contained two eggs, pork sausage, thick cut smoked bacon, spinach, tomato and grilled mushrooms served in hot pan and side toast. I really liked the presentation, and there was even some olive butter for the toast on the side! The grilled mushrooms was also really juicy. 

Then something a little more exotic - the Dukkah Spiced Baked Beans ($16) with tomato & herbs ragu, poached egg, and roast pork belly in the form of that brown crispy thing you see. Despite being exotic sounding, in fact when you eat it there's this inexplicable sense of having comfort food. I don't know why, but that's always a good thing. I see this as the perfect hangover cure.

Then, another staple - the French Toast ($13) with stewed apples, lychees, caramel and almonds. The fruits and nuts made the sourdough toast come alive with flavours so it no longer is that wallflower on the table. I especially loved the use of lychees with caramel.

And last but not least, an Australian favorite called Vegemite, Mate! ($4.90) served with Kalamata olive butter on sourdough toast, and vegemite of course. OK some people have commented that 5 bucks is really a bit pricey for vegemite toast, but it really isn't just about that. It's also about the atmosphere and the fact that you can have vegemite toast, when you want it!

And that concludes our breakfast tasting! It was a great spread - I feel invigorated just looking at it.

Other than breakfast, we also had a taste of Kangaroo Sliders ($18.50) which is made with parma ham, truffle aiolo and onion-chili relish served with a side of homemade crispy potato chips. I felt that the meat was more tough compared to your traditional beef, but that's only because I'm not used to Kangaroo. 

The truffle oil salted popcorn was really delicious as a snack by the way. Highly recommended, especially with a side order of drinks!

And by drinks I mean the a carafe of Summer Beer Sangria ($35) with great white beer, lychee and liquer. It was super refreshing and light, a perfect summer's drink. 

Intrepid Gastro Bar is a great place to go for brunch should you be in the Chinatown district during the weekends. Otherwise check out their lunch and regular menu as well, and their wide selection of craft beers!

Intrepid Gastro Bar
#01-01, Far East Square, 40 Pekin Street, Singapore 048770
+65 90688297
Mon - Fri: 8am - 10pm, Sat - Sun: 10.30am - 5pm

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