Food to Avoid/Try at Savour 2014 at Promontory 11 Marina Boulevard, S018940

Thanks to the folks from ToTT (Tools of The Trade) and FoodNews PR, I had the chance to visit the yearly food festival, Savour 2014 again this time at a much better location - the Promontory at 11 Marina Boulevard! It is just an empty field in the middle of nowhere, so your taxi driver might need some help navigating it - just get on Marina Boulevard and drive by. The weather recently had been DRY and windy, so that's perfect for an evening visit too! It will be hot in the day, I reckon.
It's much smaller but more cosy and pleasant, me thinks.

This is the ToTT booth at the Savour Arcade, a tented area where you find some of the more delicate food stalls, including ToTT as the first Cookware Retailer at Savour.

DO YOU KNOW that you can actually buy cookware on ToTT's e-shop? An e-commerce site for cooking appliances, cutlery and everything you need in the kitchen sounds divine! At the ToTT booth, you can scan the barcodes on their virtual shelf to read more via your mobile about the products!

Outside the tent, there's an area for live performances beside the bar, which is a nice touch. Very cosy.

I also saw a 3D Printer Emmanuel Stroobant's stall, where we ordered the fois gras from! It is very cool because I've never seen one in action before. It is rather slow though, but great for prototyping.

Now let me get into the WHAT TO ORDER AT SAVOUR list.

First, the Foie Gras at Emmanuel Stroobant. Really delicious fried pieces of foie gras. Share this with a friend, or feel guilty for eating almost 100% fried fats.

Next, this hot dog from Bubbledogs by Chef James Knappett, king of gourmet hotdogs in the UK. I really liked this, only because its the only 1 of the 2 dishes that filled me up. The bacon bits are really enjoyable.

And the last thing you need to TRY at least once in your lifetime if you are Chinese - this molecular xiao long bao by Chef Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation, a Michelin-starred HK restaurant. Doesn't it look just adorable? 

That red strip is ginger, and the ball is actually a thin gelatinous exterior that will burst to fill your mouth with soup once you pop it in. Definitely an experience to remember and I recommend you get one (it's $6 each). I won't say I'll have this again now that I've tried it, because I prefer the regular xiao long baos! 

Lastly, an oldie but goodie - the ice cream cookie from the ice cream & cookie co. - I've had them at Savour two years ago, and am glad to have it again for dessert this time round!

At the Arcade my friend also bought 2 big packets of dried figs - they are delicious and apparently quite rare and overpriced normally.

Next - lamb short ribs from a stall which I've forgotten the name of. It was nicely spiced and crusty on the outside, but I don't really like the lamby taste, so I'm on the fence for this one. It's $18 for 4 small pieces, but this is already quite decent compared some of the items served.

And now - what to AVOID at Savour.

First, the cheese tortinelli and etc platter from Forlino's. I'm sorry, but other than the passion fruit panna cotta dessert, the rest failed rather miserably. The portions are really bad, and the serving on plastic just made it look sad.

Next, the oysters from the Seafood Bar inside the Jason's Marketplace tent. 

It's 6 for $18, but it tasted really brine-y and lean. I am not a connoisseur of oysters, but I'm pretty sure these are not great.

The crab pasta from SONS made the "try to avoid" recommendation. They filled me up, and the crab meat was quite generous, but the taste was rather one-dimensional. I imagine if I ordered a full-sized portion at the restaurant I'll have trouble finishing them! That being said, it wasn't that bad for a taster plate.

That concludes the end of my Savour experience! Ending off with a pic of a gigantic roasting pig outside the Jason's Marketplace tent. Because we all like to pig out.

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