Lunch Review: Table by Rang Mahal at Naumi Hotel, 41 Seah St. Singapore 188396

I have a confession to make. I love North Indian cuisine. But amidst all the dining options in Singapore, with Japanese, French, Italian, local food and all, I often forget about my love for North Indian food. The other reason is also probably because they are not so widely available in the city as well! Go to Raffles City and you'll be spoilt for all types of cuisine choices, except Indian. That's why when I was invited to Naumi Hotel's modern Indian restaurant, Table by Rang Mahal, I had to check it out.

The other reason is also because of a good cause. On March 17, dine at Table by Rang Mahal and th Naumi Hotels Group will donate portions of their proceeds to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation. This is also in celebration with the Holi festival of colours. Now you know where to go for lunch or dinner this Monday!

The restaurant's located at the first floor of the boutique hotel just on the corner of Seah Street. A very cosy and designer hotel. 

Here's their executive set lunch menu. Very affordable at $15++.

They also have an interesting selection of mocktails and drinks.

This is the menu we had. It might look a lot, but it wasn't, thankfully! I like that there is a large variety though because that's the spice of life!

Me and my friend ordered the Naumitini ($9), a pineapple-based drink, and the Tulsi Sherbet ($9), which is the one in green behind made with mint and basil. Very refreshing on a swelteringly hot day!

On to the food! Here's the soup, which was really light and 'comfort-food' like. It's like chicken broth, with hints of potato. Great appetizer.

The chili cheese kulzza was probably my favorite that day. It's like a pizza! And the cheese inside is not mozzarella, but cheddar, all melty and generously sandwiched in the light bread. The dip in the middle is fiery hot, by the way!

For mains, we ordered both the prawn/chicken, and the mushroom/paneer set. Both comes with naan, and side dishes of cauliflower, olive rice and dhal. They were really delicately made and great accompaniments. 

The mains were delightful and not at all overwhelming. In fact I would say it is exactly the right portion for lunch. No food coma with this!

I think I preferred the meat version of the set more. 
The tandoori chicken was well-smoked and tender.

I also really liked their gobi matter, which is a staple in India, but without the greens and the reds.

Finally, a popsicle to cool us down! This Table Pop is made with coconut with raspberries and chia seeds embedded inside. Sugar-free and fun to eat - a very unlikely but healthy end to the traditional meal. I am so glad there is no gulap.  

I really enjoyed the presentation of the meal and how all the flavours are so nicely thought through and created to excite the taste buds. Staff was also really friendly and warm, amidst a really comfortable dining area. I would highly recommend for everyone to visit Table by Rang Mahal on Monday, and continue to do so!

Table by Rang Mahal
Naumi Hotel
41 Seah Street, Singapore 188396

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