Top Instagram Users in Singapore to follow

So I realized that there are no lists to recommend top instagrammers in Singapore so you know WHO TO FOLLOW when you get on Instagram, I have decided to do everyone a favour and recommend a few that has at least 40k followers, that's based in Singapore and has high engagement and quality photos. Have a look and let me know if I missed out any!

1. xiaxue
The queen of blogging has moved to Instagram. Everyone knows that.

Consistently getting into the Popular page on Instagram.

3. wtfsg
I didn't even know this existed until I read an article about it. Wow, Singaporean reporting on fashion?

Budget barbie snaps her life for you to follow, if you don't read her blog!

4. ec24m
Famous for her hermes bag and branded goods everywhere, it is rumoured that she gets 1 million dollars every month in alimony from her ex-husband, an Indonesian tycoon she married when she was an air stewardess.

5. toshrock 
One of the few guys to make it to top 10, he's a Youtube personality turned composer for Jack Neo's Ah Boys to Men movie.

6. naomineo_ 
Very stylish....

Lovebonito co-founder and style inspiration for many office ladies.

His food shots make me so hungry.

9. speishi 
Another pretty instagrammer...

10. dawnyang 
Instagram's the new blog.

11. yankaykay 
I think its a fact that people enjoy looking at pretty girls.

yup. And photos of food.

Evidenced here. The white sheets, bowl and cutlery thing looks like a good idea.

Then we have the teenageguruz youtube superstar and his slice of life.

15. yutakis
Every shot makes me feel like he's in Japan!

Do you guys have any other instagrammers to recommend that has more than 40k followers? Comment and let me know!
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