Local food alert: naiise.com for Singaporean produce

If you know me, I'm a huge supporter of anything home-grown and local. After all, they are our friends, families, acquaintances, or neighbors. That is why I'll like to introduce everyone to a Singapore design collective and e-store, www.naiise.com which has a brand new local food section where you can buy loads of homemade goodies. Who knew that Singaporeans are secretly producing jam, veggies, granola and all sorts of delicious goodies? The secret's now out!

On the website you can find really interesting foodstuff, but the one that jumped out at me was this:

 Have a look, and buy some stuff if they catch your eye. Support local talent and businesses all the way!

Read more about why they have introduced a local food section and feel free to browse the other design sections as well.


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