New Spicy and Grilled Chicken McWrap Launches in Singapore

So I was in the CBD area this afternoon when I spied with my little eye that there's more new stuff from McDonalds! Turns out it's the internationally popular McWrap that has come to Singapore at 4 selected maccas (Spring Leaf Tower, Causeway Point, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall)! I was delighted to find a choice between the Grilled Chicken McWrap and Spicy Chicken McWrap for $5.20 ala carte or $6.90 for a meal. I picked the latter one to try it out! I love the convenient packaging, by the way.

Here it is, unwrapped. A very photogenic wrap that whet my appetite just by looking at it. Did you know that the wrap is actually made with whole grains? It had a certain fibrous texture to it, but because it was warm it was fluffy, not dry, and complemented the super juicy McSpicy chicken inside. The crisp lettuce and veggie bits with mayo inside also made this a healthier meal option than just a plate of chicken rice, for example!

This is a really short review, but bottom line is, get some fire with fibre in your belleh! Perfect for lunch (I wasn't hungry till dinner time) or even as a light dinner. 

And now that we've come to the end of the blog post.. I'm sorry, but I can't resist it...

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