Cafe Review: 40 Hands New Menu and Look at 78 Yong Siak St, Singapore 163078

On a drizzly Saturday afternoon I was invited by the folks from 40 Hands cafe to check out their newly revamped menu and interior. It's been 3 years since I've reviewed the place, and my, how time flies! I am happy to report that 40 Hands is still at its original location, and doing well. You've no idea the exasperation I have towards cafes that open and shut within a year. Yes, the F&B industry is that tough, so kudos to 40 Hands for staying afloat! 

Notice the military memorabilia in the cupboards behind the counter. Apparently a touch of inspiration from the owner's own collection. 

It is still the same size, but seems to be able to seat more people now with the high tables. The outdoors lower deck is also cosy, and full house, of course.

The coffee beans are from Common Man Coffee Roasters' Espresso Blend, which is a mixture of coffee beans from all major growing regions in the world. An all-rounded type of blend that suits most people with initial darkness followed by some fruity acidity. Here's the flat white ($5).

The iced latte ($5) was pleasant, but to get the full coffee experience order it without ice, or milk.

We tried almost all of the menu's highlights I think! First from the hotdog section, we had The Big Bang ($15) where you get to choose between organic beef or pork sausage. Then bolognese, bacon, sour cream, scrambled eggs and chilli flakes are all piled on that bun to complete the hot dog experience. I loved the combination -- they are all my favorite things! Pick this for a mid-afternoon snack.

For post-gym workout, you should definitely have the Muscle Mary Salad ($14, with chicken +$3). It has quinoa, pumpkin, broccoli, figs, pickled beetroot, mixed greens, fresh mint, sunflower seeds, Greek yoghurt and a light honey-lemon dressing to keep things simple amidst all that freshness. It is a super hearty plate -- meant to fill you up with all the good stuff. No processed items here!

Next, an old favorite that made it to the new menu - the Jamaican Pork Toasties ($13.50) which has jerk-smoked pork, plum chutney, homemade tomato sauce, mango and cheese. It was surprisingly juicy and balanced out the drier bread that wrapped it. This feels really... comfortable, if you know what I mean. Something you could grab and go, and have it at your desk while you power through another presentation?

We then tried the Julius Caesar Salad ($15). Now everyone's going to think the salad's named after the famous Roman emperor! A delightful plate of grilled romaine lettuce, honey Dijon chicken, poached egg, bacon and homemade Caesar dressing. The dressing wasn't too heavy -- and I liked how it is just so classic. I wish I can have it every week for lunch, once a week!

Here's the instagram photo, which received over 45 likes. Follow me on @alexischeong if you haven't!

We capped it off with the famous Kong Bak Pau (Asian Sliders) ($7.50 (set of 2) / $10 (set of 3)). They are steamed buns served with slices of braised pork in soya sauce. They were delightful. I can finish about 3 all on my own, if I had my way!

For desserts, we had a trio of cakes, and another classic favorite, the red bean bun ($2.50). I tried to pick a favorite among them, but I couldn't! The Lemon Curd Cheesecake ($7.50) had such a lovely smooth cheesecake texture, that comes with the kick of the lemon sourness. That's the perfect companion to a latte, really. There's also the Key Lime Pie ($7.50), which had tangy lime curd nestled on a digestive biscuit crust, finished with torched meringue. It was really refreshing to have the sour-sweet combination.

To top off the desserts, there's also the very cute Onde Onde Cupcake ($3.50). Asian flavors get paid homage with the use of pandan in the traditional cupcake with a sweet gula melaka coconut filling. That combination worked perfectly in an onde-onde, so of course it did exceptional in a cupcake! Duh! 

A cafe that does not rest on its laurels - its the spirit of constantly innovating, optimizing and change in 40 Hands that shows their respect for consumer tastes for hearty, good quality food. I would definitely recommend for all to go back and rekindle your love for what is a good old bistro cafe experience.

40 Hands
Blk 78, #01-12, Yong Siak St, Singapore 163078
6225 8545
Tue - Thu: 08:00 - 19:00, Fri - Sat: 08:00 - 22:00, Sun: 08:00 - 19:00
Closed on Mondays

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