Healthier Food Review: Formosa Delights Wholemeal Noodles

Everybody loves Ban Mian. The ubiquitous noodle dish that is the perfect comfort during a rainy cold day or when you really just feel like having soupy noodles. That’s why I was delighted to find that Formosa Delights, a Taiwanese-based brand that’s known for serving hearty handmade noodles both in food courts and on their own, participating in the HPB’s Healthier Dining Programme.

The dish in focus today is their new wholemeal noodles with at least 20% whole grains. Everyone knows that wholemeal pasta can be unpleasant, so I was curious to see if it tastes the same, or better than the regular noodles!

(From 1 June 2014, you can also enjoy $1.50 off any of the wholemeal noodle dishes at Formosa Delights by flashing the deal from here.)

This is how it looked like. You can observe specks of whole grain in the noodles when you look closely.

Taste-wise, I am happy to report that it was every bit as good as the original one, if not better! The noodles were really springy and smooth, but I could taste the texture of the grains a little bit. That actually gave the dish more depth, and the result was that I felt more satisfied after the meal as well knowing that there’s extra fibre content in my noodles. The vegetables were also crunchy and fresh, to balance out with the flavors from the regular broth (tomato broth available too!)

Formosa Delights is also offering other healthier dining dishes with lower calorie count such as the pumpkin noodles and jade (spinach) noodles. Definitely a must-try the next time I go back.

This food review is brought to you by HPB’s Healthier Dining Programme. For more information, visit

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