Lunch Review: Mrs PHO at 349 Beach Road, Singapore 199570

Nam Nam Noodle Bar step aside! They are no fight for this little gem I found at Beach Road called Mrs PHO that serves such authentic Vietnamese food, it brought me back momentarily to Hanoi (circa April 2013's vacation). Actually it is quite surprising that Vietnamese food is not as huge here as it is elsewhere, especially in the States. It's their secret to beauty and health! All Vietnamese girls are pretty and slim because of their diet of noodle soup and fried pork, I reckon.

This is the menu. Prices are very odd, as you will see in a bit.

Meanwhile, the staff sings along to the Vietnamese song on the speakers, near the counter.

The decor is very hipster, contemporary Viet chic?

Everyday items were used as display. Despite being a small shophouse, there's quite a lot of effort that went into the decor and renovation, which is good. It means they are here to stay, and serious about making a business. At least, that's what I hope.

On to the food. Spring rolls, excellent. The peanut sauce was done just right, and the prawns were fresh inside the semi-opaque skin. The only grumble I have? It costs $1.75 for ONE spring roll, cos that dish is $3.50 for 2. That's really a bit too steep for just lettuce, vermicelli, 2 prawns and some spring roll skin. Maybe the paste has a higher food cost. Still....

The sliced beef pho was excellent though, and priced affordably at $7.90. I can still remember the sweetness of the soup now. It was light yet fragrant and full-bodied (not diluted). The noodles were reminiscent of those you have at roadside stalls in Bangkok, or Hanoi. The beef was tender and thinly sliced. Oh, Mrs Pho, I'm in love.

An excellent Vietnamese joint to visit for lunch without queuing for hours for authentic fare. Be careful about those towels though - each of them costs 50 cents! Also, if you like Vietnamese coffee remember to order a cuppa - I heard from other dining companions that it is very thick and satisfying, the way it should be.
349 Beach Road, Singapore 199570
Mon - Sat from 11am - 10pm
Closed on Sundays

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  1. The decor looks more like a cafe or pub then a eatery, nevertheless quite cool.