Event Report: New season of River Monsters Premieres July 8, Discovery Channel

I was invited to the River Safari sometime in late May because Jeremy Wade was in town to promote the 6th season of River Monsters, and he is somewhat of a big deal because he had grappled with some really huge fishes before - including being head butted by a giant araipama, the cousin of the arrowana fish.

Look at those teeth!
Source: azstarnet.com
Anyway! It was an interesting experience having him recount some of his personal experiences about the show during the speaker session - apparently a lot of times he did things not because he is looking for trouble, but more because its for the viewers. The director will instruct him for example, to place a bloodsucking fish on his neck.

Look what I found? Looks perfect for dinner tonight.

Here's trooper @stooffi along for the event!

After the talk, we got to see a live feeding session with manatees by Jeremy Wade in the Amazon Rainforest in the River Safari, which is an extremely cool aquarium filled with many manatees! It was funny because Jeremy actually did a selfie with one of the manatees with his GoPro camera. That must be one amazing instagram.

We humans have Salad Stop. Manatees have them too! They are so cute.
Next up we wandered around River Safari since it was our first time there, and saw the many rivers of the world. I really quite liked the place, though some of the animals cramped up in small spaces made me feel uncomfortable. I do hope they will remove them, and keep to amazing river fishes and specimens. 

But we wouldn't get to see these 2 amazing species - the Red Panda, and the Monochrome Panda! LOL. They are super cute, and the enclosure they live in probably has more air-conditioning than the average HDB flat. Which is cool. Still, I think it'll be better if they are back home in their natural habitat. 

I had a good time at the River Safari and also seeing Jeremy Wade in person, and in the water. Thanks to Discovery Channel for the invite. Remember to tune in to the premiere of River Monsters Season 6 this coming Tuesday, 8 July! Otherwise, you can watch the repeat telecast every Friday at 11 pm, Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 11 am.

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